Thursday, December 15, 2011

ivy lou

Another tooth came in, we have 2 teeth! And last nite Ivy slept from 10 to 6 a.m....hmmm...maybe that was the reason! Go Ivy! Give your mom some sleep! Go Ivy, Its Your Birthday (this is a rap)

Luke helped me give Ivy a bath. My oldest and youngest children. Also my most bathed baby and my least bathed baby. I was normally a every day bath kinda mom. Well I 'was' a lot of things. Now Ivy is like, hmmm...when is the last time you had a bath and I have to sit and think. We average once a week, plus or minus a few days.

Actually now that I look at those rolls, these two kids are also my least chubby and most chubby. And the most spitter-upper and least spitter upper. Wow, I could do this all day. Oh wait, they were both my only nursed babies (which I would never recommend in case your wondering). Oh yeah, that also means they were the babies which I had the least amount of sleep with!

Now is that a cute face or what? And can you spot the butter in the picture?


Beth said...

I love hearing that you don't bathe her that much b/c I say the same thing about #3. Last night I couldn't even remember when his last bath was. Oops.

Lindsey said...

soo cute!! I love those smiles and chubs on IVY LOU!

English Garden said...

I totally recognize that exersaucer. I forgot you were nursing Ivy, how is that all going, definetly a love hate relationship for me.

Nancy Jo said...

Ivy is adorable! Love all the pictures in the bath! That is cute Luke is helping her.