Monday, November 21, 2011

What Fun Is by Luke

This was in Luke's backpack after school. Written in very neat penmanship that he must have inherited from his dad. Let it be documented that Luke is 8 1/2 years old and is in third grade, Mrs, Helgeson's class (and 83 lbs in case anyone is wondering...). I kept his spelling.

1. Fun is watching TV all day and playing video games all night.

2. Fun is going to Los Vagas and living in a condo.

3. Fun is going to the movies all week.

4. Fun is eating ice cream all day.

5. Fun is going to your cousins house and stay all month.

6. Fun is geting to be the school princeable and declare no homwork.

7. Fun is having to never go to school again.

8. Fun is turning into a millionair in 24 hours.

9. Fun is getting all the video games in the world.

10. Fun is being allowed to shut down all the schools in the world for 6 weeks.

Thanks Luke, good to know a little more about what you think of school at this point in your life. Hope you get to have lots of fun in your life!


Nancy Jo said...

I love Luke! All those things sound like great ideas! He's got a great perspective! Tell him - great ideas, I love them!

bro said...

I agree with him, cancel school, honestly if I can marry a non crazy wife who is crazy enough to want to, I might home school

Lindsey said...

Sounds great Luke!

Courtney said...

I love how much it talks about no school or homework. So fun!