Friday, November 18, 2011

Lots of stuff

So lots of stuff has been happening but can't remember any of it by the end of the day.

We went to mcdonalds for dinner and so kids can get good and contaminated at the play's a huge one.

The kids did shrink a dinks today...remember those?

Ivy has been going to sleep with ugh being wrapped or rocked...she is growing up...that is more infant. Now a squirming baby.

Jason and I have been watching that new show called Once Upon a Time.

Darby's teacher described her as shrewd in parent teacher conferences. It worked in the context and she had said nice things earlier but still nothing I thought I'd hear. Pretty funny.

If I were to describe Darby right now at this moment in her life I would say she is a sweet baby loving new reader, cat fan, and note writing artist. Yep

I love parent teacher conferences...checking in with the person who spends more time with my kids than anyone else but me. Always surprises how much they 'get' them. You don't hear anything you don't already know but who doesn't like talking about their kid?

Jason let me sleep in this morning and I didn't realize anyone was awake , just saw the clock was 7:30 and I was so happy like the sweetest thing.

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bro said...

ipad fancy, i like description of shrewd

gay said...

story of our lives....lot of stuff happening, can't remember any of it! at least you can read, your blog will keep it all coming back to you in bits and pieces!

Nancy Jo said...

I love reading your blog! Jason is the bomb for letting you sleep!