Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Aftermath of Halloween

I woke up the morning the 31st dog tired. Bombed. Wasted. Total zombie...but big day ahead so must push through. Have I mentioned the Ivy is still not close to sleeping through the nite?

We conquered Halloween...now onto Christmas right?

Here are my favorite moments of the day.

The kids and I carved five pumpkins after school. What a feat. Because Jason was at work and there were no grandparents like in previous years, I cleaned out the insides and they got to go at with their little knife. I helped where I could which was tricky.

At the last house of the nite, Baylie sighed and said, "I love Halloween." Me too girl.

The neighborhood went all out with decorating, seriously impressed. There were 2 haunted houses within walking distance of my house and way too freaky for my kids.

I carved Darby a cat on her pumpkin (of course) and so then of course Baylie was like, "I wanted a cat and a dog...boo hoo" but we had already done ours...and at that point I was bleeding thin so we were done. A few minutes later Luke bounds up the stairs and says, "Mom, Baylie has wiskers on her pumpkin, come see." with the biggest smile on his face (what she really wanted was wiskers) and he had done them himself for her.

Almost everyday Luke says, "Mom, why can't we always have a baby?" I told him we will just have to find some to babysit and hold when Ivy gets big.

Speaking of Luke, he traded with the kids in were with for all their almond joys. He either got 8 or ate 8 last nite, can't remember what he told me. He has great taste.

Darby asking if now could they wear their costumes all the time? yes you can, go at it, thanks ebay for the wardrobes this year!

We can't last too long trick or treating (but can you imagine how much candy we have with four trick or treaters!) but the kids love passing out candy too. Love it.

A 2 year old trick or treater while very slow is the cutest thing in the world. Just darling and most of the houses we visited would agree.

I think Paisley has discovered ring pops are like candy pacifiers.

My friend Tiffany invited to eat at her house for dinner, and now I have a good size burn on my arm from getting 3 dozen cornbread out of the oven amongst all the chaos at rapid speed. Thats not the good part of course, the good part is that I made honey butter with 2 sticks of butter and a jar of marshmallow creme...so yummy too bad (or good thing) I left it all at her house.

As I was going to bed last nite I was just overcome with how much I love our family, all seven of us. They are my favorite people to be around (especially when their dad is with us too). Can't wait for next year, see ya Halloween 2012.

Now time to clean up (Ha!), pack it up, and make some deviled eggs, cause I've been craving those for a week now.

Holla if you had candy for breakfast this morning? (no, not the kids don't worry)

p.s. this morning Ivy only woke up twice and I feel like a million bucks...or at least 50 :)


Beth said...

Now I'm craving deviled eggs. Mmmm.

I am super impressed that you carved five pumpkins. Seriously I can't stand carving pumpkins. Love the idea - but hate the process. Always, always save that one for Adam. ;)

Sara Jane said...

I am surprised Luke likes Almond Joys. I love them and ate all my kids. Glad that the day was a good one overall.

Sorry Ivy is waking up at night. That's no fun.

Nancy Jo said...

Thanks for sharing your fun Halloween! Miss being there. You got the 'get burned when you cook' gene from me - sorry. Can't believe you made that honey butter - yum! I made apple dip yesterday because I was craving it. Hang in there - hope Ivy sleeps the night tonight!

sara said...

You're a super mom!! I was such a zombie when Ryan was up at night while teething and I'm missing 4 other little ones to look after, plus school schedules. You're amazing keep it up!!