Monday, October 24, 2011

Sorry neglected blog

I don't like when my blog isn't bugs me. Which makes me a little crazy to care about something like that. But I don't like to just put random stuff on it, its very thought out...ahahahaha....oh man I must be tired to think thats funny.

So here's the deal.

I got my blog book today. From that Amber told me about. Oh my goodness I love it. love love love it. I will take a picture of it. It was so freaking brainless to put together I want to cry and thats what a need in my life right now. More brainless stuff. Easy to prepare meals, yes. One stop shopping, yes. Whatever it takes. I just love to look at it and hold it and rub its soft pages and read about my life in 2008. 2009 and 2010 are on its way and then I think I'm gonna go back and reprint 2007 again just so they will all match cause i'm kookoo like that.

I love my blog book. Makes me realize, yo I did keep a journal of sorts, we did do stuff that I can't remember anymore and my kids were smaller than they are right now. All good things to remember. And pat myself on the back. Thank you blog2print. Right now there is a 15% coupon online for it til Nov 3rd.

But here are the happening in the life of the 7 McCoys, not be confused with the 7 McCoys in Vegas.

Luke scored a touchdown today, after an amazing catch that he says "doesn't even happen in the NFL" Oh man was I ever that confident? I don't know but I sure love it about that kid. He doesn't beat himself when it goes the other way for him. Missed flags or catches, he just shrugs them off. But today was great, and much needed after a slump of a few games with the last one losing 30 to zero. thats never a fun score. And then he ran down a kid just before reaching the endzone and dove and caught his flag.

Other news, Darby was the mom today and gave Paisley and Baylie baths. Why didn't I think of that sooner? She loved pretending to be the mom. My kids are always talking about when they are moms one day (in private I will tell you what Baylie really says about it) and I just say, "Hey only if your lucky, its not guaranteed." But that say it so matter of fact so they must know more than I do.

Baylie has learned that if I'm crabby or something or if she is in trouble, to divert my attention she will tell me, "Your pretty mom." Smart little girl.

Paisley, while maybe quieter than my others, is turning into an awesome fetcher of things. You tell her what to get or put something away and she will do it. Pretty awesome. In fact she jumps at the chance and is even excited about it. Throw away the diaper? Yes mom!

Well I guess I better go vacumn up the spilled Lucky Charms (that Nana bought) on my living room floor that happened when I took a late shower.

ps. I forgot to mention the most awesome part of the game that I had been dreading all day. Seriously who invented mid week games to torture me? Well guess who we played? The team with Shane on it and so his awesome sisters Natalie and Rachel who babysit for me were there and played with my girls! It was like heaven. Their mom even held Ivy most the time. Plus my friend Mindee was there with her family so my girls played and I got to talk to Mindee (while the girls were singing Armies of Helaman loud), plus Luke scored a touchdown, like the best game ever!


Amberli said...

hey! so should i use blog2book instead of blurb? i already blurbed 1 1/2 years of the blog but haven't printed them yet. blog2book is better?

Crazy Lady said...

call me and i will give you all the details about it. but blurb you get lots of options but took sooooooo long and program was crappy. blog2print doesn't have any options but its done and finished. so really its priorities.

embot said...

you may have just sold me on blog2book. and YAY for luke! This was a fun read, girlie.

Amber said...

Yes blog2print is a new fav. It'll be so nice to have them all DONE! And there you have it. We are record keepers. Hooray!

Beth said...

I am going to do this when I'm up feeding a newborn. I think I have three or so years to get down!

Sarah said...

Yeah, I started to use Blurb and felt overwhelmed so I stopped. I'm gonna check out blog2book. Thanks for the insight! And please take a picture of your finished book so I can see what mine will look like when I get it.

sara said...

Thanks for the email you sent about blog2print. I'm not sure I'll do it because I'm not good about documenting everything and I leave so much out.

PS You should mention people to contact you first so you can get your free book and not feel guilty about reprinting the one book!!!

RachelAA said...

A neglected blog eats away at me as well!!!