Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hodge Podge

Baylie and Ivy playing the Wii

Paisley enjoying all the baby items around the house

Jason and me at the Target...ironically he hates the Lakers but it posing by it.

Oh I did take 1 picture of Luke when he got his award...

Paisley at the school halloween party

Some kids costume who I thought was just great.

Jason and I haven't been to the temple since Ivy has been born, so we tried the tag team, one goes in while the other waits outside for the first time. So here's what the kids did for the first half. Watched a movie in the car. I have missed going to the temple. It was a beautiful day and it was so nice and peaceful (when I was inside at least).

Ivy at her 4 month check up. 15.2 lbs. 75 percent weight, 30 percent height.

Got my second blog book today....yahooo. wow makes me realize how fast my kids are growing. Paisley thinks its Ivy when I show her pictures of herself as a baby.

If I send you an email about the I can get points for another one, FYI. But thats not why I'm putting it on here, it was just so fast and easy I love it. Like 1 hour.


Nash said...

i LOVE that book. I have to start blogging again. My husband also HATES the Lakers. hA! Easy in 1 hr? That's my kinda deal. THANK!`

Mommy said...

I am so glad you discovered blog2print. I have been using it since year ONE and I think they are such an amazing reminder of all the hard work we parents put in, AND all the little memories that would otherwise be lost. Your kids will absolutely LOVE that you did this some day 20 years down the line - AND will be fighting over who gets custody of them when you are gone. Better start using your coupons to print 5 copies at a time!!!

Nancy Jo said...

Love Love all the pictures! Great idea with the temple! Luke looks so old in that picture. I keeping smiling thinking about Luke's football comment. Good for him!

Lindsey said...

Great pictures!! How fun. That is dedication to go to the temple with the kids in the car!! I love your blog book!! That is awesome!!

bro said...

Hey, love the photos. Kids look so fun, I have decided ivy looks most like Darby