Tuesday, August 16, 2011

McCoy Stats

How awesome is this face? like " My family is crazy, help me!"

"Actually its just my mother!"

Miss Ivy is 2 months old now. And I have never looked forward to vaccines more. I seriously couldn't wait to get this girls shots because just want to protect from the heebie jeebies all around us. Plus I feel more secure taking her out once she is more inoculated. Inoculated. Really like that word.

Yo, so Ivy is a chubster. She weighed 12 lbs 6 oz and she was 82 percent weight and like her mother's daughter followed that up with 35 percent height. Wait, thats way too tall to be from me, thats still the McCoy side. But the height to weight ratio I'm totally claiming, your welcome curvy girl.

Darby had to well appt too, yep, from May. In my head bringing all five kids worked lots smoother. Oh yes, and Paisley has had a 103 temp since Saturday just to round us out.

Darby made me look like a superstar mom though. When the doc asked her what her favorite vegetable was (sneaky doctor, don't think I know what you are really asking, thanks for the judgement).....Darby said, "Grapes". The doc said, no, I'm mean favorite VEGETABLE. and Darby professed to not know the difference between a fruit or a vegetable. Nor could she remember if she's had a cavity (she hasn't) and if she rides in a booster (she does....almost always and rode to the appointment in one, but told the doc she didn't). The doctor said, "do you like water." Darby said not really. What kind of crap questions are these? Leading I tell you!

Just kidding, I actually really like these docs. This one in particular has a judgemental tilt to her but is very thorough and I like thorough....just might get the other one when I want to get out of their quick and he always tells me what I good job I'm doing (good psychology!).

So stats for today:
Ivy got shots
Darby got checked out
Ivy got checked out
4 books that nobody cared that I brought
Three oldest got flu mist
1 sweating mom
Ran into my friend Becky there who had her two week old daughter Baylee there (yes, she is now one of my favorite babies) who I haven't been able to see yet. How fun is that?

And then I decided I needed to head to the doctor too (thank you last minute babysitter who vacuumned and wiped my counters). Why? Cause I cannot get well. What do you mean?

Well, since giving birth to having this little chubby bundle I've :
been on two rounds of antibotics, had a constant cough/cold/snotty/TMI
had the flu, mastitis and drum roll.....pink eye again, thank you very much. How cool am I? Who gets pink eye twice within three months? I mean what adult?

So going to do some experimenting cause this mama needs to get better. I was nervous to go because I was worried he was gonna tell me I would have to quit nursing and turns out I'm really attached to it (ahahhahaha!) and really just don't want to break out the bottles and formula just yet (although Ivy would be sleeping through the nite perfectly if I wasn't).

jabber jabber bla bla bla

The moral of the story is...the last few days have been rough. Like too rough to blog about and I was throwing Haagen Daz pity parties for my self and my goopy eye. Too depressed to put on makeup (gasp!) which I also didn't want to further contaminate. Usually I can blog about such mishaps and good for me when I do, but not this time.

By the way, I noticed the eye goo in the bathroom on our big day time date out (with Ivy) when Jason and I finally saw Harry Potter finale for $37 dollars (Imax and 3D) and then spend $24 in snacks there (which I am still in shock about but Jason thinks I need to get over). That was cool timing too.

But I'm doing better. By choice and necessity and the eye has cleared up a bit too which helps. By the way, Red box has saved us in the summers last few days and I love the movie Mars needs Moms. Seriously it was good. Intense. Like Tron for kids. Wait, Tron was for kids too? Mine haven't seen it. I figure they can just watch the first one when they need a good nap.

But it was totally awesome realizing that I missed Baylie's first day of school on Monday. That was a first, never done that before and it made me feel like I totally have it together. Really together mom I am. A pro. Had no idea it started Monday, here I was all set to have her show up on Wednesday. So I setting the bar real low this year. real real real low. Just to make you all feel better about yourselves actually. So your welcome.

And without more gibber gabber, here are the cutest pictures ever, of my five beautiful children, who I'm feeling slightly better about mothering again, although they might never have a super skinny mom, too much Haagen Daz in the world to purchase in a weak moment. Chocolate peanut is my inoculation. Does that word even work there? Who cares, it does now.

Ok now, back to reality. No more sssshhing the kids so I can type out my feelings. Really I hope these kids block out this whole summer, except for the darling new sister part.


This is what 8 years apart looks like. In case you were wondering.


Laura said...

oh brooke, i love your honesty. those sneaky doctors. i always just lie, but asking the kids the questions..tsk tsk. you are a good mom. i am going to be one crazy person in a couple of months and i will only have 3.

Mommy said...

You are a champion. There, I said it. Done and doner. Great post!!!

Bailey said...

I feel for you. I really really do. Since having Zac I've had a Uterine infection, 2 bouts of mastitis and 3 UTI's. Who gets 6 different infections in 4 months? Me. I've been on every antibiotic out there. It's good to know I have someone in the same boat with me. Except you're a rock star who has 5 kids and I only have two. Thanks for being so honest. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

RachelAA said...

I think this is my favorite post of yours. You're a rock star mom. Believe it!

Nancy Jo said...

Oh my goodness, those are the CUTEST PICTURES EVER! Love how animated Ivy is so young! Hang in there Brooke! We love you and will pray extra for you!

Lindsey said...

Those are the BEST pictures! Mama's milk is doing Ivy good! That is great. Glad the goop if getting better. Make-up is over rated. Good luck with B's first day of school tomorrow. Sorry things have been so hard!!

christy said...

Don't worry, little kids only remember the good stuff. Or at least that's what I'm tellin myself. Lol and giving them a cute baby sis makes a pretty awesome summer.

Sara Jane said...

Brooke I hope you feel better.being sick just makes it all feel worse. Darby is so cute with all her answers

Courtney said...

I am so sorry you are not feeling better. We have been praying for you to get better. I am glad that the kids are going back to school. I hope that you will be able to sneak a nap in here or there while they are away. I love the pics with all the kids. You are awesome! We love you!

Susannah said...

Who cares about not knowing the difference between veggie and fruit and all the other stuff...and by the way, it was leading! You are a great momma!!

Hillary said...

At least Darby didn't tell the doctor that she had a cookie for breakfast, leading to a full-on dietary interrogation. Ha ha ha!

bro said...

cute photos thanks