Saturday, June 11, 2011

Holy crap I cant believe I'm still pregnant

I stopped counting how many jumpin jacks.

We moved on to walkin hills. No good.

My kids had fun going with me. Luke and bay lie even helped push paisley in the stroller.

I'm starting to get crazy fears about what might be happening but pretending to keep cool. Ok that and mope around And cried today but it ended well...nothing like a good card game with cheaters like my mom and husband, I swear they are twins...

Watched gnomeo and Juliet twice today...while working and bending and picking up stuff. Lots of putting away laundry.

Vacuumed as well. Nothing
Tomorrow my mom has been here ten days. Go back to the dr on Monday...but if he tells me at this point I will have to be pregnant for six more months I'd probably believe him. Maybe my body just likes being fat? Sweet. Just no more pics please.

Seriously though I hope she is ok. I go through batches of feeling crummy and crampy during the day and starting to get really excited and then it all fizzles out. Funny when you r so excited to be in pain. That is just messed up. But seriously what is going on? Like when did my body start thinking it was 24 again and brand new at this baby delivering thing? Cause in really thought June 11 2011 would have been an awesome birthday. Especially since her cousin was born on feb.11 2011.

My mom just showed me a really ugly picture of me and we are both dying laughing...cause it ain't pretty now folks. At least we can get a kick out of it.

On more exciting news...I have the happiest six year old daughter who pulled her first tooth today. Didn't stop smiling alllllllll day long. Even had me tell random people at Costco...yes we did that too. She was so proud and whooped her brother in the tooth pulling dept. She also told the man at Costco she could beat up an 8 year old which I told her was not a good thing. Luke told me she was talking about a different 8 year old. Ha.

Played Mille bornes's a French card game. Pretty funny.

Working on the beginnings of a compost...feel like I'm just growing fruit flies instead...gotta figure that out.

Can u believe I'm still pregnant? Holy cow for sure.

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Hillary said...

Maybe your baby just wants grandma to stay longer cause she's so fun. I would :) Hang in there. I'm sending happy thoughts your way.

christy said...

Feel for ya. Hope comes soon and all goes well. I have the compost tumbler from Costco. It's ok. Mostly I think what do I need more dirt for. Hee hee

Beth said...

When I was pregnant w/ Audrey I starting going "crazy" thinking she would be in there forever (and she was even a week early -- i was nuts), so I made my ob tell me when exactly he would induce me so i knew my end date FOR SURE, if i went past my due date. it helped to know she would not be in me past May 20th. i still remember the date! She will come any second, could be today. i'm telling you come get that salad!

sara said...

when you're at the hospital request hot prune juice...a nurse had me take it works great on your doesn't taste to has to be hot not'll be in the hospital soon!!!

bro said...

Looking tough Darby. Cou ferei, mille bornes rocks

Sara Jane said...

anytime you could go into labor..are you in labor now? Both Lawrence and Porter gave me 0 signs before I went into labor. with Lawrence I went into work for something and went into labor that night. With Porter I went out to dinner with my mom and L and went into labor that night. It's hard when you get have an expectation and it's not met. And that baby will drop as soon as labor begins!

Lindsey said...

Maybe you just have a relaxed baby. She will just be happy wherever she is!
So cute about Darby and so impressive she pulled her own tooth!! I hope the tooth fairy doesn't forget tonight like another tooth fairy I know:)!!
that sounds so fun playing games. xoxo

Amberli said...

sorry brooke. i know carrying around a baby can be some major works. but you are for sure in the home stretch. that little lady can't keep you waiting to much longer. k, so i know i suggested this before kind of in jest but you really should do that yoga squat move. it pushes the baby's head down to speed dialation. maybe it would help? good luck! hang in there. this is the last time you'll ever have a little soul inside you!!!

tphillips said...

Soon! And the HOT prune juice advice TOTALLY works! It's not the best tasting stuff but man it works wonders!

And darby was so excited to show me her lost tooth at church yesterday. Go darby!