Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father of Five

Happy Father's day to Jason. Here he is performing his fatherly duties. Actually this is more like a father's day present that he got to snuggle and nap with little Ivy.

Now I've been thinking of funny things I haven't mentioned. Like in the middle of getting my the middle, back hunched, don't move a muscle cause he could miss by a hair, which he did), the epidural man says, "Hey you know who you look like?" to my husband whose arm I'm squeezing to death. "You look like superman". Then the charge nurse pipes in, "Yep, thats what I thought the second I walked in but didn't want to say anything?" "Seriously, just like him, you should be in the movies." "Even the glasses and hair." "Has anyone ever told you that before?" "Really, one movie thats all you'd need and you'd be set." Get it? They went on and on about it which is hilarious because I'm with Jason when he gets told this all the time. I think Jason's response was something about needing to play superman's dad instead and a chuckle about the funny timing of it all. I think he was told it by every nurse at the least.

and now the daily Ivy hold.....taking turns, a few minutes each, every time she is up and willing (not being fed or fussy). They love to hold her. They have all magically forgotten how crabby mom was for the last months to get her here (or hopefully forgive me) and think having this little baby in our home is the greatest gift ever. Goal achieved.

Luke has already taken her downstairs by himself (while being watched) and held her while I went potty. He is going to by right hand man this summer.

Jason with his five children. Five children. Sounds like a million, but we both have said, it doesn't seem like we have that many until you get them together or say something like, "all four girls are taking a nap" which was a once in a lifetime statement probably. Four girls, five kids, a good dad for sure.

Jason goes back to work on Tuesday, and the kids have loved having him home. We are enjoying ever minute and I am just so happy. My body is hilarious and super squishy, not getting sleep, mostly due to my novice nursing, but very happy. Thanks Jason for always being there and willing and active in our home. I figure you got 9 more years to enjoy before our first daughter is 15 and you have to start carrying a bat.

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Jenn said...

And he can walk on his hands!! Cute pictures!