Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good Bad Ugly


Jason has a job. Jason has a job. Jason has a job.
I'm really grateful for my husband. I might not see him, but its nice to know we are on this crazy (CRAZY!) ride together. Plus, he is only other person who cares about the play by play of our children.
No one has cancer. Cancer sounds really sucky.
Cars are working.
My siblings, for always talking to me and giving good advice.
Baylie, just for putting up with me and going with the flow. And being my daytime partner.
Luke's school performance, him seeing his guts out and playing the penny flute was just darling.
I have really great friends.
Soon I will meet our new daughter. Seems like she wants to stay in there, or else strongly senses the chaos she would arrive to if she were to debut this week. So we are way good til after memorial weekend.
All those pictures from Darby's birthday I was talking about out, aren't really deleted like it said on my camera, but located by smart Jason on our computer even though I don't know where that exactly is right now seeing that I'm not so computer savvy as him.
Have cute haircut (me), which I keep doing despite other issues (see Ugly)
My garden is slowly growing.
The weather has been perfect.
Got a babysitter for my girls today so I didn't have to bring them to the doctor.
Got some good news from my RA doctor that I have me thinking alot.
Darby was thoroughly happy with her birthday, thanks to friends coming over, lots of presents, special attention at school. In fact, right now she is sleeping in her tent with every single stuffed animal in our house despite this maybe not being the best nite to do it.
I finally diagnosed Paisley. Thank you WebMD (and a call to the pediatrician). No trip to the doctor necessary, just has to run its course (see Bad).
Fortunately for about a 2 hours a day she is her old self.
Gum, all the pieces Paisley smiled that she was so excited about.
Found a legitimate excuse out of Luke's last game (hooray, boo weekday games) and possibly open house (she says with a sigh, but seriously a bit too much to handle now).

Me to Jason "So how late are you going to be this week?" "Remember last week when I was late everynite, well this week is much worse, so I'll be much later than that" So far its 11:25 p.m. and he's still there.
Paisley is a bit miserable and there's pretty much nothing I can do about it, but make continuous seemingly hopeless attempts to make her comfortable.
Also, according to WebMD, which Paisley's symptoms were dead on for hand-foot-mouth disease, we really exposed everyone a week before we realized we were exposing them. Cool huh? My first kid having this and its terrible. Mouth too sore to even suck on her pacifier which is how I know its terrible for her. She just holds it. She woke up like every hour last nite and has done it so far tonite too.
She also keeps bonking her head on her toddler bed in her sleepy stupor. Can't feel good.
Oh yes, Luke also told me his throat hurts and had a teensy temp right before bed (100.5) but given our current family status, can't be good. My personal test of kid sickness, if they complain about it before school...still send them. If they say it again after school, yep he really does have a sore throat.


My eye. Cause I got pink eye 37 weeks pregnant! Seriously? Lets recount. With Darby, two weeks before I delivered I had a big plate fall on top of the fridge fall on my head which I still have a scar from (not to be confused with when I got a kidney infection and was hospitalized while pregnant her but fortunately released on Christmas day). Last week I fell in a parking lot and consequently left a pool of pee there, and have scabs still on my elbow....what is up with this? Cause now little girl can't come because there's no way I'm going to look so ugly in those pictures.

Do my kids have pink eye? No (mental note to add to good list). But I do. I think my first time ever? Maybe did as a kid can't remember.
I was in denial for a couple of days cause I have a bad history with these pupils (thanks nerf rocket) but nope after a call to my sister, totally have it. Which is really awesome that I keep having to go to the school, and the doctor and out in public. And while I feel totally dope, not quite enough to wear glasses indoors, so that means I've had to tell all these people about my puffy, squinty, bloodshot red eye that they are trying not to stare at while they talk to me. the first question is "Where did you get it?" I have no idea. Maybe due to lack of sleep, husband gone and pooped out immune system. And must have touched something...shiver. Kinda feels like I have the cooties.

But at least I know it can always be worse so I'm choosing to focus on the good list. Now I gotta try and go to bed, before I have to get up in 30 minutes to pat Paisley back to sleep again. Lots of prayers have been said in the McCoy home in the last 48 hours. She also got a blessing from Jason late last nite (thanks Andy too).

Happy cheery birthday pictures to come sometime later.

Also, these lists make me want to make an official list of all the times I've injured myself, cause its racking up. Oh yes, time for more eye drops.

Come home safe hon.

p.s. If you are curious, this is where he works.


bro said...

jeez, sorry you are going through the rough, your fam is in my prayers, with all that slow rollin setup i thought you were about to reveal some terrible thing, got me worried

burtons*north said...

hang in there little lady!

English Garden said...

Hang in there Brooke!

Amber said...

Dude! That is a crazy list you have there Brooke. Sad to know I was right about the pink eye. But at least you have drops for it. Hand, Foot and mouth sucks! Both my girls got it when they were little. Ashlyn WAY worse than Leah....Here's hoping Carter doesn't get it soon.

Sara Jane said...

Man, I hope everyone gets better soon--doesn't it seem like this stuff happens right before a baby comes? Pink eye has been going around like crazy.

Hope everyone feels well soon.

RachelAA said...

SO SORRY!!!!!!!!! Wish there was something I could do. You need a night time nanny. No sleep sucks!