Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Darby in Wide Mouth Frog

Darby beginning her play, The Wide Mouth Frog. It was just as dang cute as I thought it would be. Darby did great.

Her dad got to come too! Even better.

Darby and Paisley kept waving back and forth to each other the whole time. (Paisley can't smile with cookie in her mouth)

Wide Mouth Frog production costumes. And I curled her hair. Best quote of the morning from Baylie, "That doesn't look as good as when our aunt does it." me - "You mean Misty?...thanks a lot!" Fortunately Darby thought it was great, after she shed a few tears about it over breakfast, the hair battle I cannot win.

We thought Darby looked BEAUTIFUL!

This was the only song that was short enough to post. But basically the frogs kept asking other animals what they ate, until they asked an alligator (played by our friend Noah) who then tried to eat them. Fortunately he missed.

The End.


Courtney said...

She looks so cute! I love her hair! She looked beautiful.

Beth said...

Darby is just so beautiful. So pretty.

Amber said...

OH is that why I can't get my video of Ashlyn singing to post on my blog? It's 2 minutes long. What's the max?

Crazy Lady said...

around 30 seconds is what i've found

Lindsey said...

That was soo fun!! I love their frog shirts and she looked gorgeous! She has great hair!! Way to go!

bro said...

darby does look beautiful, and p looked cutie patootie also. and kind of sad what you told me baylie said

jana said...

Very Cute! I love that they call Misty their aunt And Jason isn't pulling a face.