Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Second Wind

I should be in bed. The rest of the house is and frankly I'm just so happy not to be sick anymore that it just feels good to breathe. Things that are my mind this late hour of 11:45 p.m....

Need to get some flour. Wanting to try a recipe for calzones.

Baylie and Paisley and I are the turning into the three musketeers.

Need to go on a Darby date.

Darby and Baylie play non stop the second she walks in the door from school....only stopping to eat, do homework and bathe (sometimes). Seeing them play makes me think of what it was like with my siblings. Constant state of pretend.

Luke finished Harry Potter 3 today. If you are wondering, it has 2 D words, and 1 B word. Maybe should have read that again before I passed it along.

Feel the baby kicking all the time now. She has awakened, now lets find her a name. She keeps reminding me that we are constant companions.

Time is dwindling.

Just read The Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale and I'm officially a fan. Fun reading.

Need to watch the latest episode of Castle with Jason. Its turned into our show.

I think I officially stink at making snickerdoodles. They taste good but they are flat. Bothers me.

Drank the last mountain dew in my fridge this afternoon, maybe thats why I'm up...hey, maybe thats why little girl is kicking :) Hey but its the only thing that gets me through the day sometimes. That and prayers.

The lawn is in dire need of a haircut ...cue Jason's Saturday skills.

Just enjoyed kids today, enjoyed not leaving the house the past couple of days (not counting dreaded Costco)...life is so much more enjoyable when you can sleep and feel better.

Even busted out the sewing machine (which is smelling smokey, need to get a tuneup). Now that is a shock.

Doctor appointment round 2 tomorrow, lets hope I've learned something.

Just read this again and realized how superficial my life sounds. But its mine right now and I love it. And am counting my blessings.


Mrs. Fun said...

Didn't realize Harry Potter had bad words, never read them. My 8 year is finishing up book 5.
He hasn't said anything but he sure calls me out if I slip up.

Nancy Jo said...

Sometimes if my cookies are flat, my baking soda is old and I need to get a new one. That is neat you little one is kicking lots. Let me know when you decide on a name.

Courtney said...

That is funny that castle is yours and jason's show b/c it is totally Carl and I's show too!

the happy thomas family said...

i've never had luck with snickerdoodles ... let me know when you find out the secret.

yes, harry does have a tad bit of adverse language in it. they get a little more 'mature' as the series goes on. i know that it is always a challenge figuring out when it is 'right' for your child. #3 is my favorite.

Beth said...

I know I told you the name Whitney. But what about Winnie. That's a cute one too.

Sara Jane said...

I just pulled up your blog to make sure your show is Castle because I'm about to watch it and those pictures make me burst out laughing every time I see them. I love them and the girls will love it when they are older.