Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Stay up too late reading good book ...check (too late for me is midnite...and it was the Goose Girl by Shannon Hale, very cute)

Get woken up by Baylie at 5:30 a.m... check

Scramble to get breakfast, lunches made and kids out door...check

Wrestle two kids at my doctors appt, check

Pee in cup with two kids watching, check

Gain more weight...check (mental note, stop looking at drs scale)

Take girls to old park in Encino for 30 minutes...check

Enjoy beautiful Cali weather, check...

Have a mental breakdown when baby only naps for 15 minutes, check

Curse no pacifier for millioneth time...check

Neglect cleaning house...check

Wait, clean out poop in tub (that happened yesterday...or was is the day before, shiver in disgust)....better go do that

Try new recipe for dinner...check

Load dishwasher (including all bath toys)...check

Hunt and hunt and hunt for Baylie's favorite blanket, check

Morph into big grouchy woman...double check

Eat whatever chocolate I can find, check

Play baseball with girls, (I hate you sun in my eyes), check

Save Paisley from injury a few times, check

Try not to pee my pants, ...errr.......check

Chant, four more month, four more months, check check

Slap myself a few times to stay awake...check

Hobble around from soreness due from yesterday...check

Mentally check out for a few moments to moan on my blog...check

Count my blessings, better go do that one.

Let kids play with playdough...check

Its only 4:19.....what more will the day bring.

But if I can figure out how to end this day on a good note, I think I can forget all the hazy parts.

Jason comes home late tonite so wish me luck.


Amber said...

What a day...what a day! Good thing you're like the toughest person I know.

Lyndsay said...

You're really making me freak out about taking the pacifier away from Maya! :)

And I don't know why, but my blog stats say that you are #2 in sending traffic my way. Like by a landslide. So, thanks for that? haha

Oh, and I need your e-mail address.

Mommy said...

Pee in a cup with two kids watching. giggle giggle. That's memory making in its finest! : )

Shannon said...

Collier still has his passey (only for naps and sleeping he doesn't get it out side of the crib) but I am very fearful to remove it since he is such a good sleeper. I have always said no passey after two...but as that nears I might be changing my mind.
As for Toy Story 3 - I teared up a few times. it was such a great movie. I hope that Collier will one day enjoy all of the toy story movies. I just love them!

bro said...

Good luck. Pres Faust "the greatest honor and responsibility in the world is motherhood."