Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yahoo for you

Yesterday I waltzed around TJ Max while Baylie was in preschool. Paisley was a pretty good sport. In other news, our weather cannot make up its mind. Yesterday it was 80 and today its cloudy and raining. So do you dress in flip flops or grab a coat?

The kids must have taken this picture? What is Jason diong?

I let Darby wear this outfit to school. I warned her it did not match while both were stripes but she said she wanted to anyway.

My baby needs me so I have to get off the computer. But yesterday we slaved all afternoon til night on two of the kids projects which I put off and then lost some days cause I was sick. Here is Luke's doll. He had to pick a country of our heritage and then make a doll out of the wood stick provided and then do a report on the country and making of the doll. about really a project for mom. but we pulled it off. Here is is Swiss boy which he actually loves. Next time you see him, ask him some facts about Switzerland (at one point yesterday I was just wishing we were Mexican).

Darby did a report on a Christmas tradition, which we chose the Christmas stockings. She did great when practicing and no I did not let take it to school, those are heirlooms! Yesterday just struck me how many skills we have to have as mothers number one being thinking on your feet. like, "Oh yes, your speech is due tomorrow, okay, lets come up with it." "Lederhosen, sure we can make lederhosen?" Which really means you make it up and then help them memorize it. (which actually means I do too, ask me about Switzerland....) While helping Darby, Luke had to majorly help with dinner. Crazy projects always seem to happen when little sisters have had no naps (seriously P, like 20 minutes, your killing me) and neighbors drop over to play. Good thing I had good training from my own mom, who was the master at pulling tricks out of a hat. One day I will be able to sweat it all without my own meltdowns and less yelling the process, little by little right? Hey at least I felt better, that helps a ton.


Jenn said...

I have a stocking JUST like that one!! I can't stand those projects... hope YOU get an A!!

jana said...

I am not looking forward to those school projects - maybe that's why Kindergarten is the best.
PS - I LOVED your xmas card and letter - very VERY cute.

Sarah said...

It's not about an outfit matching. You don't really want an outfit to "match". You say, does the outfit "work"? I think her outfit "works". I approve!

This is a fashion lesson from my Dad. And yes, he is straight.

The Livingston Place said...

hahahaha!!! Like seriously, this whole post cracks me up!!! And what to do with the weather? I, no kidding, was wearing socks under my sandals with a t-shirt under my jacket!!!! Stylin' for sure.

bro said...

Cute p pics. And darbs, I didn't even notice not matching. Darbs is a trend setter, you can't cramp her style