Saturday, November 13, 2010

Perfect Weather for Lawn Surfing

Boogie Board rides on the grass. Jason was showering and then at a church meeting.
Luke is wearing my shirt (he told me it was his dads, but nope, dads would come to his knees) and his Kona hat. We had a lot of fun just chillin, and a little game of soccer. He pretty has me almost matched at seven and a half although I did let him win, which I will attribute to his dad's extraordinary athleticism and not my purely average ones.

This boy will be baptized in April, I can't believe how soon that is coming. You are all invited.

She was not sold on this but sometimes we convinced her.

Those mini hills come in handy, but not quite speedy enough for Luke unless I pulled him, but perfect for the girls. I just love these girls.

Mostly Paisley just crawled around in the wagon O Balls. Most need to be pumped up.

Baylie Lawn Surfing

Darby is pulling Luke off the hill here. L & D both went down backwards as well. I think Darby's hair has a mind of its own. Its possessed here.

This is what Jason worked on for half the day. My garden is getting closer. Looking nice.

And he was tweaking the underground well situation.

And we did some of this.

I took the girls to my favorite, although pricey, fabric store, Beverlys. Seriously the cutest fabrics I've ever seen (all around ten bucks a yard, but have lots of sale for five). I have an itch to sew something, although maybe I should use the pile I've already accumulated in my closet first. I could have bought the whole store. Just darling. The reason I was in there was for oil cloth and it is DARLING!

But check this one out.

I'm now a sucker for all things Paisley, but especially fabric. Is this a cute one or what? If I was a little more sew savvy I would make her a dress in this. I think at some point though, she definitely needs a Paisley dress, don't you think? Or at least a paisley pillowcase, that might be more my level :)

Yes we are only listening to Christmas music in the car exclusively. We tried to listen to some Mama Mia but it just felt wrong.


christy said...

those hills will be great with a slip and slide

Nancy Jo said...

Looks like fun surfing on the grass! Did you buy some of the paisley material? Cute. Your yard and garden look fabulous!

Beth said...

She HAS to have a paisley dress! HAS to. You are lucky enough to sew one... I'd just go to etsy and have someone make it for me :)

RachelAA said...

What a fantastic family day - it all looks so great!

Courtney said...

We are very impressed with Jason's skills! Seriously, way to go Jason! That looks awesome. What a fun day outside! I am wishing for a day like that especially since it is like 40 degrees here. Also, you wouldn't believe it, but I am getting an itch to sew something too! Good thing I have you guys for Christmas! :)

Mommy said...

The grass is holding up so well!! Hooray!

Amber said...

Yes, christmas music in the car....all the way! Yay!

The Livingston Place said...

Love the surfing. Love the shirt. Love the garden. Love the hard work. Love the fabric and if you want to sew...I'm here with an itch too, and a project or two revvin' up to finish by Christmas for the kids.

Lindsey said...

Love the fabric! Love the athletic kids surfing down the grass. They are ready!! So pretty. The garden is awesome! So neat!

brandon said...

garden looks good, looks fun

kasie said...

Wow Jason is sure handy!Your backyard looks awesome. Love the fabric!