Monday, November 22, 2010

No name post

Does every post really have to have a name? Whats if you don't feel like or your brain isn't working? These pictures are from Friday, also could be named very funny day, because all my plans went down the toilet and had to rework the day. Life is like that alot. Not my favorite thing, but often their are kinks and we just gotta deal with it.

Like Luke telling me he was sick, which I decided to believe and canceled all plans, which included a parent teacher conference and a babysitter who was coming over so I could go to it. Also a trip to the zoo. But like any good parent, so many times I didn't listen or figure out he was sick soon enough (even to the point of getting angry or frustrated) that Friday I thought I'd actually listen. Afterall, he didn't eat his dinner the nite before and crap is going around the neighborhood.

Guess what, it was a fakeout. No sickness. Or maybe it was quickly thwarted by a lazy few first hours in pajamas? We will never know. Oh well, at least I listened to him, I don't need to know what his teachers thinks of him anyway right?

Well after sitting on our batootie all day and putting up the Christmas tree, Baylie was begging to go to the mall. So we went. At like 6 p.m. At ended up eating dinner there which was not planned, but worked out since I had no plan for dinner. Then I got a picture of all the kids sitting on Santa's lap. Our Santa pictures are numbered I'm thinking so I better take advantage right? Well we got home late, but turns out Jason surprised us and then didn't get home til 10 p.m. Another kink, but whatever we managed.

Another kink....Paisley dumping out every stinking single one of the Qtips from under the bathroom sink. If your baby is quiet, there is trouble ahead. But sometimes you just gotta risk the outcome cause you have to finish getting ready. Sometimes when something particularly annoys me, like seeing a big mess of Qtips, I'll say, "lets take a picture of this." so I can psyche myself into thinking its funny instead of angry. It usually works. So instead the girls and Luke all played with the Qtips and build things with them. Luke built himself a log Qtip cabin even. Just trying to go with the flow.

So even though I might not like to see a big wad of unwound toilet paper in the bathroom, whatever, just push it to the side and tell everyone to use it first before the roll, the wad with go away eventually. Kinks in plans may not be my favorite thing, but they are a fierce reality that I better embrace (and sometimes inwardly scream).

Jason's got a full work week ahead til the last minute before Thanksgiving, Baylie has no school and kids get out early for the next two days. And meanwhile we are freezing our pants off here, what is like 50? Freezing, I swear. So basically I'm going to brace myself for the rest of this week and hope it ends well and with a happy mama.

Meanwhile I read this book in the last day, very quick, it was loaned to me a while ago. I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced. About a little girl from Yemen who breaks the mold and seeks a divorce for her abusive arranged marriage. Sure makes wads of unrolled toilet paper seem a bit inconsequential. Lately I've been frustrated with people's comments that the world is such a horrific place, but to me sure seems like we are making strides. Much better to be Nujood in 2010 than 25 years ago. Missionaries are preaching in more countries than ever before. We are more connected as a world to end hunger, AIDS, more quickly responding to major disasters. Makes me realize how lucky my girls are be growing up in America, even if they due end up inheriting their moms rheumatoid arthritis.

Now check out my girls Qtip artwork. A genius at action.

When you come over next, you'll have to see something (and I'm bringing it to Vegas to show you McCoys!)

I have finished my first blog book. From It was 184 pages. I had 20% off coupon, its 8 x 10 and hardback and cost $56. So now year 2007 is printed and documented. I love it. But now I have 2008, 2009, and shortly 2010 to work on. I'd say it the blurb book took me about 8 hours, which is a big guess. it could me more, probably was longer, but thats my guess. My friend Emily gave me a good tip to just not stress too much about it and slap it together, because it is really overwhelming. The program was kinda slow and not my favorite, but I love my book. Its real, I can hold it. I can't believe how much I've forgotten from just 3 years ago. Worth every penny. The kids love looking at it too.


RachelAA said...

Who knows, the lazy pj morning could have healed him! And I love the q-tip designs; but yes, silence is DEADLY :) And good thing you went to the mall late considering you were on your own until 10pm!! That worked out. And can I just tell you, with no preschool this week, I'm so overwhelmed. Today for example, was the longest day ever!!!!

Hillary said...

I'm trying to go with the flow and still get things done. Argh. I think my laundry pile probably weighs more than I do which is saying a lot since I haven't lost all the baby weight yet. Love the pic of Luke :)

christy said...

totally agree, gotta roll with it!
i used blog2print and got the past five years done in about one hour. blurb was too complicated. i just wanted a hard back book of my blog. blurb is better for photo books for special occasions like a wedding or as a graduation gift to your kid with all your favorite memory photos. well this is my opinion b/c blurb was like making my blog all over again. cost is about the same at all those type web sites. i am very glad to have all of mine in my hands too and will be doing this year in January.

Sara Jane said...

I'm jealous of all the Christmas festivities going on over there. We have to wait until Thanksgiving to put up our tree. The boys have been begging to get going on it.

Thanks for the info about the blurb books. I should do it.

I love all the q-tip designs and thanks for the thoughts on going with the flow-it is much better than getting angry.

brandon said...

like the blog book, thanks for the blog

Laura said...

i think it will be a lifelong struggle for me to go with the kinks. i am sure you are much better at it than me. and i finally did my 2007-2009 blurb books this year. i agree, don't stress too much or it will take forever. i just gave up on trying to match up pictures with text.

Amberli said...

oh i can't wait to see the blog book, i've been planning on starting ours but haven't gotten around to it so this will motivate me. i can't wait to hang out this week...even if my house is still a mess. i had one of those "go with the flow" days today which means we survived but nothing got done. oh well.

Courtney said...

Can't wait to see the book! So fun!

Mommy said...

My blog book for 2010cost $71 each for about the same number of pages. You scored with the coupon! Whohoo! I give the book as a Christmas gift to the grandparents every year. They are not so computer savvy, so they LOVE having it to read through out the year. BEST THING EVER. Glad you got yours together!!

Mommy said...

PS blog2print is my book of choice, too. SUPER EASY!