Tuesday, September 28, 2010

To My Saddistic friends

I know you love my blog when awful things happen to me or my day is awry because you love to read about it and laugh at my pain. Well that is just wrong ;) you sick people.

Sadly nothing is that dire at the moment so you will be disappointed, but the hurricane is coming!

Cause in 4 days, (the days prior that I will be stressing and preparing for the fourth day), I am going to fly by myself with all four kids to Alabama. Dude, what am I in for? We will leave the house at about 6:15 a.m. and arrive in Dothan at 7 p.m. provided all goes well. Doesn't that sound like a fun day ahead? I'm starting to get nauseous already. But can't wait to be in BAMA for two weeks. I plan on eating well, watching lots of movies and soaking the jacuzzi.

Jason is staying home and secretly I know he loves when he gets a few minutes to himself so wave to him when you see him at the movie theatre! Double lucky for him that its Halloween time so he can scare himself with all his favorite horror movies!.

Two girls enjoying two of their favorite things. My sister's being a big steak. Darby's being to snuggle with Mabel. Both in heaven can't you tell on their faces?

The last of the Haynie trip pictures. Love those kids. Love my sister. Its been too long since I've been able to spend time with her one on one.

Here is what I purchased with her. I'm hanging it downstairs. I smile every time I see it, after I've pushed all the shoes and toys aside to walk over there. Although I'm highly wondering if its going to offend my cleaning crew coming on Thursday to shake me out of my messy abyss? I hope not. Because I do value a clean home, but if yours is clean all the time...well then...now you know how I feel about that.

On another note, Baylie is seriously addicted to the Wii. Ten times I day I hear, "Can I play the Wii?" Mostly when her brother and sister is at school. Sword fighting, fishing, bowling, boxing, singing or dancing, the girl is an addict.


Maria said...

I will be praying for you on that flight. No kidding.

Darek and Amberli said...

I dare Jason to watch the Fourth Kind by himself on Halloween night. I need some new horror recommendations so send 'em my way.

RachelAA said...

OH MAN I hope that journey goes well for you - but yes, the two weeks once you get there will be heavenly. ENJOY!

christy said...

As long as you don't get stuck at the airport for many many hours you will be fine. bring the power plug to the dvd player. mine has rescued me in the airport more than on the plane. and don't let them eat junk all day to keep them happy. the last thing you need is extra poop and barf. lol
love the poster. have fun in bama. maybe it will finally rain down there.

Beth said...

I love that poster. Perfect.

Courtney said...

That poster still makes me laugh. That picture of Darby and Mabel is priceless. I know the kids were sadder to see the dogs go than us, but that's okay. :) Your kids can come visit them any time. I am jealous that you are going to BAMA. Oh how I miss good ole BAMA. Eat some Things and Wings for me and pray that BAMA beats FL this weekend!

Renee said...

Good luck on the flight! Just think of the worst and it always ends up being better than you thought it would be. Micah does the same thing with the Wii. That's all he wants to do. Woke up this morning wanting to play it too. My guess is they are a lot a like. Come visit us next! haha

Tanya said...

I want your sign...i totally want to copy you completely. that is fantastic!! good luck on your vacay....and extra good luck on your travel days may the wind be in your favor and HF on your side :D

Karla said...

I want to know where your sister had that steak! It looks awesome!