Saturday, September 18, 2010

Playing Together

The kids have been playing together so great. I love it. That is what is so special about siblings (when they aren't fighting). Despite the fact that Luke really wishes he had a brother and tells me all the time, he really plays great with his sisters. Plus I tell him that he got really special sisters who can run fast and wrestle and can play. Dressed in skirts :)

Yesterday we had no school (furlough day also known as party day except for teachers who don't get paid, sorry bout that) and I demanded that we go to the zoo. Seriously. I just renewed my pass that had long expired and we were gonna have fun at the zoo dangit! We did. Know that place like the back of my hand I tell you. Paisley also needs to practice wearing shoes cause she never does and at the zoo was like, 'what are these things you strapped to my feet."

Friday nite Darby requested a picnic outside. Brillant Darby, this is what I'm doing the rest of my life I tell you! No mess in the house, we at on the blanket and between each bite they practiced their dance moves which was quite entertaining. Why haven't I done that before? Oh yes, cause picnics aren't fun on dirt and weeds...thank you Jason again.

After the picnic (of pizza of course), Luke convinced his sisters what a fun game it would be for them to run around the yard and him to try and peg them with a ball. And they did it! Willingly for at least 40 minutes. He should just count his stars for such wonderful sisters.

We stayed out til about dark and took some pictures right before we went in. Grass is nature's carpet I think.

Paisley poking Luke's eyes (possibly some payback, but he isn't stopping her so whatever)

Baylie after a nite of fun.

Luke and Darby

When do boys learn its not cool to make a regular smile? See those bracelets on his arm? They are all the rage here and he frequently trades them at school.

Four dirty happy dis-shelved children.

Tickling each other.

Couldn't decide which one I liked best.

Oh yes, and Box Boy.

They have been playing with this box Darby made all week. Think its hilarious to go run around outside and fall over everything. Strange.

Stay tuned for some dang cute pictures we took today at the temple.


Rachel said...

sounds like a fun night! the silly bands are all the rage here too. i finally realized trading them is what's fun about them. madeleine recently got some but she's not allowed to wear them to school so she hasn't traded any yet. she just wears a million on her arms at home. it's very stylish.

RachelAA said...

I love the family picnic!

Renee said...

Julian has been wearing those as well. They are the rage everywhere I guess. Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

awesome photos, so fun

brandon said...

your bro is anonymous, i guess i forgot to check my name above

Lindsey said...

What great friends. They look like they loved the picnic too!! So fun and happy. I want to see the temple picts!