Friday, August 20, 2010


This is not what you think it is. Paisley is not in a laundry basket. Its really a train. Or is it a car?

Anyway, we like pretending. And kids sometimes laundry baskets can be very excited.

Isn't Darby the best big sister ever for making this spot for Paisley and pushing her in the hallway while i'm trying to get ready this morning? A gem.

Baylie is pretending to be a statue here as she watches tv. We are working on doing less of that as I am having more opportunities to spend quality time with her while her siblings are at school. So I'm putting my 'chores' to the side and enjoying her a bit more. And turns out its good for both of us. What a novel idea.

Me forcing Paisley to have some quality time. Does it look like it its working?

Of course the train was so fun, eveyone had to do it. And yes everything is way better when you have your favorite blankets and stuffed animals surrounding you. Whats my blanket? Coke Zero and Crystal Light at the moment. And a good book.

Back to pretending. One of my favorite sayings is fake it til you make. Well this week I'm pretending that I'm having a staycation, not that my beloved car is in the shop. I'm pretending that I'm rather be home all the time. Pretending that the work done on the car is free and everything is just peachy. In fact I'm pretending the huge dent (is it a crater?) on my drivers side door isnt' even there and I'm pretending that I don't remember how it got there. (so don't ask) I'm pretending that I just need some home time. I'm pretending that this is all no big deal and I'm cool with it. And the best part is, I'm think my pretending almost has me convinced. Pretending rocks. Now it is just day one. We how long the pretending will last me. I'm going to pretend that everything is all hunky dory. Thankfully I don't have to pretend that I have a babysitter tonite, cause I actually do and Jason and I are going on a date. That will happen in less than three hours. Always awesome.


Lindsey said...

Yay!! You are going on a date! He must be driving:)! ha ha. Cute little P all nestled in the laundry basket! And Darby does look like the best helper ever. I have not erased cutie Baylie's message b/c it is so darn cute and I miss her. good luck with the "staycation"!

Nancy Jo said...

So sorry about your car! Hopefully only the car is hurt. Glad you can get out - love the pictures of the laundry basket/train. Miss you all!