Sunday, July 11, 2010

Progress Progress

6 days of hard working. We officially have working sprinklers. But we are still about two weeks (my two Saturdays) from having sod. Jason goes back to his real job Monday.

Trying to keep the kids out of the work area ended up being quite the feat. Just so tempting...

This might be the nastiest picture I have ever put on my blog. Wait I just remembered a few, never mind (dirty floors anyone?). But still. Dirty men, lots of store bought food. The biggest sodas I could find. Well earned.

I was super impressed with Jason and Chris for working out their contraption. It looks great, and we are going to save about six grand in this DIY project. Which is awesome because we didn't have it to spend on the backyard anyway.

Speaking of, I really hope Jason burns that hat. The whole week I saw so much sweat drip off it, I think it might be alive.

Fancy sprinkler stuff. Jason loved having Chris plan and forge with him to Lowes. Chris worked doubly hard. Chris moved about a thousand notches up in our book, and he was already pretty high. We owe him how do you plan on cashing in Chris?

Chris "Look, there is a lizard."

Jason "Do you want it?"

Chris "Yes, thats all I want. I need my own pet since Brooke is finally getting chickens. But how do I keep it?"

Jason "I can go get you a glass jar?"

Chris "Will you catch it for me? I'm scared?"

Darby "I will. I'll even hold it with my teeth."

Chris "Thank you Darby. I always knew girls were more dirty than boys"

(possibly fictitious conversation)

One day, to stay out of the house, I joined some fun girls at Chuck E Cheese. That sure is a great place, provided you don't go very often. I bought a LOT of tokens. Whatever. Its air conditioned and enclosed. Pretty great.

Paisley liked riding the rides. My favorite is the skee ball, although I turned into the skee ball police cause it kept eating the kids tokens. Never did get fixed all the way, I'm sure they were glad when I left and it could steal other peoples tokens without complaining.

Whats the name of that Star Trek character? oh yes, I clingon. How do you spell that? My wrinkles are turning me into a cling on.

Whats up with everything in Chuck E Cheese turning all techno? Don't they know we want to bash a gophers head the real way? Not a fake picture of one?

Oh yes, side note. Finished first round of swim lessons. Kids did great. The two that didn't refuse to get in the water (BAYLIE!). Both went off the high dive which I was quite impressed. Luke passed his class and Darby was a champ. Fingers crossed for all three at the end of July. There are definitely two camps. Swim lessons people and people whose parents just threw them in the water and they figured it out. That would be the difference between me and Jason.

Had to document me boys...especially on the rare occasion Luke helped. He mostly opted for playing video games and watching endless movies and more video games.

We got these from Chuck E Cheese. My kids love these. I love these. Lets all go buy more of these. Why aren't there more dracula teeth available in the world?

This is me by the end of the week. Lets just say it didn't end pretty. But right now, I know longer want to sell my children and all is well. Jason says alls well that ends well, and he is right. This week was rough. I should have gone out of town and left Jason to work. I didn't work out all week, ate like crap and gained 5 lbs. Not good for mental health. My husband was working before the kids woke up and didn't get in til after they were in bed. Spoiled me is not used to that. I need balance. By Saturday I may or may not have uttered some upset statements and lost my temper with the kids. Jason smartly knew I was done and finished up. After naps, including me, I shopped at Old Navy with Paisley while Jason took the kids to see Toy Store 3.

Clearly the summer honeymoon is over. This week broke me, no more hard stuff, where is easy peasy and I can I have three please? I have taken on too many adventures and my kids are screaming and killing each other every other second. Oh goodness, let me make it til we are back in school. It is a scary realization when you realize all your children's bad behavior could be from mimicking you....why oh why can't my husband have more faults? But concerning today, right as we were about to have a repeat mommy meltdown like Saturday, Jason came home from his church meetings, I read the kids books (my favorites to make me happy) and then we had a good family dog pile. I wasn't going to join in but then squashing all those kiddos on their dad sure sounded fun. It was. Those extra 5 lbs came in handy. Then we tickled and chased each other out front yard which is still currently our only grass....and laughed til our chests were sore. Then we got ready for bed and I told my awesome rendition of three little pigs. Funny thing is, your kids love you no matter how crabby and horrible you are, which is awesome and sad, cause lots of times we don't deserve it. Here's to me figuring out the rest of this summer. Everyone's in bed, finally peace and quiet.

Alls Well that Ends Well.

Here's to Grass coming a whole heck of lot closer than it was one week ago!

Oh yes, Go Spain. World Cup Champions! Jason and Luke were soooo happy.


mist said...

It looks fantastic. You should have caught chris a lizard and a snake. I can't wait for you to get grass. You should get an award from the neighborhood. That darling house of yours has come so far. Congrats on being that much closer to an awesome backyard. I think we should call Jason Handy Manny.

Maria said...

Very very impressed with both you and Jason. Your yard is going to look great!

Mrs. Anderson said...

WAY TO GO, both of you. THat yard looks exhausting and we all know kids are exhausting. For me, it's so tough to be home, with your husband, and not be able to call on him for help. Good job making it through the week!!

Renee said...

I'm so excited for you! It's going to look GREAT! Oh... and we love that book too! IT's so cute!

Darek and Amberli said...

diggin' ditches, ah the memories. Actually looks like a half decent job...looks like Lawn Tech taught us more than just slingin' beauty bark while Mike yelled at us like children while he sat in the Bobcat like a total lazy pile.

So dude, I might hire you and Chris to come do my sprinklers one weekend. Can I entice you with jolly ranchers and Orange pop from the Thrift Store?

English Garden said...

wow, the yard looks twice as big now its all cleaned up, its going to look amazing? how long do you have to stay off it once the sod goes down? isn't it like a week or 2, that will be tough too but worth it when the temp gets up in August and your kids can run around in the sprinklers.