Thursday, July 29, 2010

Funny things in my life right now

or at least I'm choosing to think they are really funny.

Let's begin with the fact that my house is a big trash bin right now. I've thought about cleaning in, but with these messy little creatures around undoing any progress I have tossed the thought away... No really, I think you could pick it up, scoop it in the trash and it would blend right in.

I am wearing the same pair of Bermuda Old Navy brown shorts for the third day in a row. That never happens since there are usually filthy on the first day. Think I can go for five? I probably should buy some more. Love you Old Navy Bermuda shorts.

Luke puked right outside the Aquatic Center as we were walking into swimming lessons. A big huge giant puke. Now he feels perfectly fine and resumed eating immediately. No he did not go to swim lessons (Thank you Amber!). Who knows? Maybe it could have been from the FOUR BAGS OF CHIPS the babysitter just told me he ate? (ya, and why didn't you stop him from doing that?) I was told Darby had two bags of chips and Baylie ate only 1 1/2 bags. Mental note: put chips up higher.

Speaking of the babysitter. I don't get them very often (at least in my opinion) during the day because its a bit stressful and Paisley hates them. Maybe once a month for a few hours. Anywhoooo, so when I do its like the focus of my day. I try to time everything perfectly, naps, eating, rapid quick clean, etc because its no picnic to watch four kids under 7 with a baby who really only likes her mother. Anyway, yesterday was totally pointless. I didn't accomplish anything but almost crying at the Verizon store and not get any errands done. I am currently the owner for THREE not working phone and if you call my cell, I can't hear you, but you can text me. Confusing? All mostly because I have the decision making power of a nit (I swear they were talking Greek to me) and am super cheap. I did purchase a necklace to go with a dress from Forever 21 reconfirming that I'm too old for that store. I came home to a crying baby who looked like she had been crying hard for a while. What a waste of time.

Fast forward today, it has been splendid which might confirm my every other good day theory or at least can't have two in a row? Cause I actually had an extremely successful trip to Costco, accompanied with ooh and ahhs and "You've got your hands full" and "Aren't they cute?" of my fellow Costco patrons. We didn't spill an entire lemonade over everything in our cart like last time. Success.

Oh wait, I forgot about this morning which I dare not post so my hard working image isn't shattered. But since my husband doesn't read this much, let me tell you. I was up at 5 a.m., read my scriptures and worked out but by 9:30 a.m. when I put Paisley down for her nap I totally passed out on my bed while the three other children watched TV (phineas and ferb) on the bed too. UNTIL 11 AM! only to awaken by the baby's cries. Now if that isn't the most freaking awesome thing you have ever heard, let me include that I also took a bite out of a peach (cause Baylie needs me to 'start' hers) in the middle of that nap and just kept right on snoozing.

Its not even two yet, and pretty much if I can just stand to live in this trash bin or attempt to try and conquer it, it will be a swell day. Luke is almost finishing his first Harry Potter book and wants to know what happens every five minutes. I am enjoying the salted caramel macadamia turtles I bought at that wonderful store that I have eyed for the last few months but finally purchased.

And Beth, I FINALLY made Steel Cut Oats this morning for breakfast and they were great. And I bought of Agave today too. I am so healthy. Aren't you proud of me?

I'm scared to see what my kids have been doing while I type this. I hear lots of banging, I'm choosing to be really amused. It can't be pretty though.

Hope your day is blissfully lazy, accomplishing nothing and we pack on the pounds together while avoiding cooking at all costs, now that is success.


Beth said...

This is the most hilarious post. Especially b/c I feel like you're just sitting in my house while I read it, telling me all about your week. Awesome! And yes! I am proud of you. Oatmeal rules! So does agave. Try REAL maple syrup, too. Cut some fruit on top. Mmmmmm. I know way too much about oatmeal.

You are awesome for sleeping. Good for you. You deserved a rest!

Amber said...

So glad, for your sake, that it was the chips, and not something else. See ya tonight at swim lessons!

And I wish I liked oatmeal. I have tried over and over and I just can't do it. I even tried Beth's steel cut oatmeal. Still no luck.

Sarah said...

This post is hilarious! The paragraph about you taking a nap while the kids are all around you and they're watching TV . . . you were basically describing me! I can fall asleep in the middle of it all. But I still haven't been able to accomplish that long of a nap. Mine are usually power naps. I think you've set a record. So funny, Brooke!

Nancy Jo said...

Loved the pictures! The girls are all such cutiepies. It looked like you had so much fun! Can't wait for it to be warmer here.

Beth said...

Oh and since you're talking about Costco I found this really yummy huge bag of oatmeal at Costco called "Coach's Oats". They are delish! Try that one out next time. Doesn't take as long to cook as steel cut either. Also, you can make a big batch and eat it for a few days, just pop it in the microwave from the fridge. :) I am crazy.

Lindsey said...

I just bought Coach's oats and best oats I have had:)! And I really like oatmeal. Anyhoo, I doubt you can scoop your house and put it in the trash! Sorry about the lame-O babysitting time. I can feel for you. And that nap sounded way needed and glad you got it. Does it remind you of when you had 1 baby and could actually take naps sometimes?? Love you! Please put the last line of that post up somewhere. That sounds like you could get it on a magnet at Hallmark!

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

I've been so used to Utah where no one second guesses your choice to have lots of kids and now that I've been in Cali I get the 'oh you've got your hands full' comment at least once a day...well, once a day when I actually leave my house. And what's funny is that it's not really a compliment at all. more like you are a crazy over-populating the planet woman.
And i LOVE steel cut oats. I should actually eat them more often instead of the pancakes and french toast that I usually make my kids for breakfast.

Kira =] said...

dear brooke-

i still think you are a fabulous mom. how else could those kids be so happy? we have crazy days, too.

Lindsey said...

i LOVE to read your blog because it always makes me laugh so hard. you are a hysterical writer! and you encourage me too!