Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wii had a great Weekend....hahah how funny are Wii

Turns out Baylie is a great little Wii bowler. Darby rocks in boxing. Luke prefers baseball...big shock there.


This little booty is cute.

And she really liked her first popsicle. It stained her legs red.

Super hero princesses (thanks Hillary and Tanya for teaching me how to make the cape!)

Busting her awesome super hero moves!

Keeping the Evans tradition alive of hanging birthday posters around the house.

Lukes evolving artwork. Shows creativity.

Gymastics....offered to pay Luke's friend $2 if he could talk him into taking one class...they were sure sweaty afterwards. Sweaty means fun usually for us.

Happy Sunday!


tphillips said...

I love Paisley's little chuncky monkey legs! She is getting so big!

brandon said...

your fam is so cute. i love paisley sitting there on the ground. thanks for all the photos and stories, i feel like i am there, even though i am all for not inducing your carpal tunnel. i still think baylie is a mix of you/mom/grandma. darby is so cute also and luke manly. funny, i forgot bday posters. its funny first that lukes art now has more evolved weapons and second that his drawing is about par with mine. i know that is where you have to walk the line, you know, teach luke not to be a sissy, but also let him know that real men are so manly that they can take gymnastics classes so later in life they will be able to do stuff like flips and aerials on the ground to impress girls.

Lindsey said...

Those were great pictures. I love the dress ups and picture Luke drew! Cutest beach picts of Paisley. Love them all!

Nancy Jo said...

Loved all the pictures! Paisley's hair is cute. Love the capes and the pictures!