Saturday, April 3, 2010

General Conference

Dude.....are you watching General Conference?

Here is what they have said to me so far...

By the way, have you taught your children yet?
Do you teach your children?
Don't lose an opportunity to teach your children.
Mothers teach their children.
Children should be taught by their mothers.
Do you teach your children?
Its very important to teach your children.
So start teaching your children already.
And what should you teach them? EVERYTHING. Jesus. Who they are. What life is about. To choose the right. Read to them. We teach them when we don't even realize we are teaching them. Reading, school stuff, church stuff, how to make toast, etc.
Just teach them already.

Okay, so I'll start teaching my children more. I hear you.

Some of the talks are painful to hear, especially all these teaching your children ones. Because I could do better. The harder its for me to hear usually means I need to work on it... We can always do better. But I'm sure they think I'm doing a good job.

I love general conference.

We are trying to squeeze it in the weekend amongst all the children :) We are having a blast with the grandparents. Jason and I went on a date last nite with free babysitting. Getting ready for a birthday tomorrow to a cutie girl. And watching General Conference.

But thanks to technology, I can watch what I missed at midnite tonite if Paisley decides to be up for two hours again.


missmisty said...

I hope you have a blast with all the fam. Thank heavens for DVR when you have a million kids running around.

brandon said...

isn't it cool you helped put it on the internet?

Amberli said...

FOR REAL!!! my conf-watching was spotty between packing, nursing and keeping att out of trouble but everytime i tuned in this is what i heard too! i guess we hear what we need to hear :) i'm so glad it's online too so i can rewatch and pay better's been crazy around here!

Tanya said...

i was thinking that same thing about conference, i was like wow talk about drilling the point...I got it... I will teach my children all day everyday...