Friday, February 19, 2010

First Roadtrip of 2010

I love the snow. I miss the snow. We love the snow.

(but always nice to come back to 80 degree weather)

We were able to see two of Jason's brothers and their family, a soon to be sister in law and the newlyweds Sharla and Dal! This was probably the most action packed trip we have ever had and that is tough to beat. My parents were also in Utah and we saw family galore...all for about 15 minutes each it felt like, but it counts.

Lots of effort it takes to bundle up a bunch of kids. Some lasted longer than other. Baylie just liked to crawl in the snow and eat it and sit.

My aunt Pam. Such an awesome lady and the only person on the planet who looks and sounds like my mom.

Look at these cute boys. Nathan, Cameron, and Sean.

We saw cousins. And children of cousins. Some I had never really seen and you know, it was wonderful to see them and bittersweet that we are far away (broken record I know). Made me want to resolve to stay better in touch.

My great aunt Margaret with my dad.

Cameron (Jeff's son) and Jill (Andy's daughter). He was a hoot, he told me he was eleven, but tells people he is twelve.

This is what California kids do when they see snow. Just cause they are soooo happy.

The conference center in Salt Lake City. I never have been inside (I know you all have but me). Where they broadcast general conference twice a year. Very very big.

Darby in her borrowed jacket. I don't know why, but I love this picture. Oh yes, Luke got hurt a few minutes before then too.

Here is more of the conference center. Right next to the Salt Lake temple.

My Uncle Richard and Aunt Jan, Dad, and family from Arizona.

Nathan (who my girls fell in love with and he was so sweet to them). My cousin Stephanie who Lindsey and I worshiped half our life and my cute Aunt Kathy, mother of the bride.

Paisley was here too.

With all my kids running amok, this is one of the few shots of my cousins Andrea and her now husband David. Must get the rest from my mom. She looked beautiful and I loved her flowers.

We were just meant to be in Utah that weekend. Because our dear friends were getting sealed along with their kids at 11 a.m. and then my cousin's wedding at 1 p.m...AT THE SAME PLACE. What luck. Here are my kids friends still in their temple whites.

We went to the Jordan River temple the nite before, which I had never been to before. Really neat to see our friends go through the temple for the first time. Technically you could be a Mormon your whole life and never go. Or you could go once and never go back. But the thing is, the temple is the most peaceful place on earth where you can go, be away from the world, pray, learn and be close to the Savior. When things go wrong, we go to the temple. It is our refuge from the world. But don't wait for things to go wrong, I need to go to the temple regularly to feel its blessing in my life.

I've been trying to count, but I think I've had 8 friends now who I've been able to see go through, not counting my family. That is just neat.

Talk about earning some money (which we never delivered now that I'm thinking about it). Darby had to entertain her baby sister in the car when we went to Vegas, then SLC, then Park City, then Provo, then Hurricane, Utah.

By the way home she was pooped out of me and I spent much of the car ride turned around while Jason drove (we also discovered that as much as I love to drive, Jason makes a stinky 'Grumpy' passenger).

My aunt let us crash at her place and by now I hope she has finally recovered. I tried to warn her what it would be like. But I forgot how awesome her house was and her style. Seriously you couldn't tell what was new and what was twenty years old because it was so timeless and cool. I love her mantle, especially that her boys made all the pottery and have about 40 more dispersed around the house which fortunately none of my children broke.

And did I mention all the original artwork that my cousin Paul painted. All over their house. This was like wall size, very large.

Or this Sacred Grove depiction.

My grandparents were able to meet Paisley. Well lots of people were able to meet little Paisley on this trip.

Can you see the three hearts in her hair?

On the way home we stopped by our good friends. Who made my favorite cake. And who our kids think are their other cousins. And I got to see their empire ;)

Good driving Jason. Wahoo. Still not recovered yet to be honest. Its been a rough week for me. I don't think I will ever be caught up with all the demands in my life. But in the meantime...

I added these to my downstairs half bathroom. Quotes. So you can read something while you are otherwise occupied. Some are funny. Some are meaningful. But after seeing so many cute stuff while I was away (including my sister in law's revamped house) I had to do something. Today cost $15...not bad.

More pictures to come.


missmisty said...

It was an action packed weekend. I am glad you made it home safely, celebrated your tenth, and are now on to the weekend. Hugs and Kisses

Mrs. Anderson said...

I too love the picture of Darby and Luke!

brenda said...

Love the bathroom wall pics. Sara and I were just today talking about "choose the right." I need to use it around the house more now that Emma "gets" it.

brandon said...

your kids are so cool. thanks for all the photos and headings. that is crazy to see the cousin's kids, they look so cool. funny darby's borrowed jacket reminds me of a jacket i used to borrow at grandma's/aunt pam's. good times. paisley looks so cute, crazy i haven't seen her yet, oh well, i'll see her when she is older. thanks

Lindsey said...

Love that bathroom!! Loved all the temple, wedding and snow picts. Thanks for posting. Everyone looks great. What a great weekend! You are amazing!!

Andrea said...

Hi Brooke! Oh my gosh what a crazy week! And congrats on 10 years! Basically you're ten years ahead of me :) Thanks for all the fun pictures! I don't have any yet of my wedding, just waiting to get them all. I'm so glad you were able to drive and have so much to do in Utah! Rest now all week :) And thanks again for coming, it was great to see you and all your kids who are adorable. Wish I had more time to just chat...but you know weddings :) XOXOXO

embot said...

did you paint those cutesy stripes in the bathroom? I love them!! looks so great.

dal said...

no pics of your fav. sister in law? what is that about Brooke? we're fighting....

Si said...

Brooke, I linked onto your blog from your comment on mine..Pam is your Aunt? I love Pam! At a trek meeting with her about 3 hours ago. She was in the Stake before me. Have daughters the same age. Small, small world. Hope you had a good visit. Now really, one of the times you come to visit, we will have to go to lunch!