Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Alabama Football and Fans

Please win.
Please please win. I really want you to. I'd wish you'd beat Utah last year when I was in Utah visiting my family who are all Ute fans, but whatever, I forgive you. Wished they'd play you this year, but what can you do?

Back to this year...Did I mention that your game on January 7th is my brother's birthday? And he is a big BAMA fan, while too busy in medical school to watch the whole game, he'd really like you to win too. So my family is all on board, so lets just do this. (really you've already won right?...I mean Florida, so lets seal the deal)

Anyway, now that we've got that covered.

What are BAMA fans going to do when they have traveled all the way to Pasadena?

Please enjoy sunny California. There shouldn't be rain, unless you are unlucky and brought the rain with you, so please don't do that. Unless you think it would help them win.

But back to what there is to do here. I've made a list. Because I want you to have a good experience here and not come back complaining about traffic. If you have any questions you can email me at mccoy218@gmail.com and I can help you more.

Can you think of anything else fellow Angelinos? So check the comments section as well.

Here we go.

Buy a map. A cheap one. Get your bearings.


Please don't plan on eating like you do in Alabama. Our bbq is not good, no things and wings here. No Conestoga or Mikata. But do take advantage of what LA has to offer. Which is great diverse cuisine like French, Thai, Indian, Greek, Middle Eastern, and Sushi. Please don't come to LA and eat at Olive Garden, you'd really be missing out. Say no to Black Angus. Try some hummus instead. For fast food eat at In and Out. Look for In and Out. I don't want to see any crimson at McDonalds.


Although closed on Monday, the Getty Museum off the 405 is my favorite thing to do . Its a museum on the hill, with the best view in town, and boy am I sounding like a travel brochure. But seriously the food it good, nice and relaxing, get your culture on. You park at the bottom (for a fee, except to pay parking fees where ever you go, we don't believe in free parking) and then take the train up. Its open pretty late for Museum, 9 p.m. I think? Check out the Monet.

Hollywood and Highland. Here is the Walk of Fame, the Kodak Theatre (Oscars!) and a good view of the Hollywood sign...plus there is a Gap (hehe). See the Chinese Theatre (if you have time GO to a movie there, its amazing, just make sure you get 'the big screen' because the rest are just regular). Also there is the Wax Museum, creepy Ripley's Believe it Or Not, but the wax museum is pretty creepy too actually. Disney's El Capitan is there too which is a fancy theatre plus a show. You can be entertained for free here just people watching and checking out the fake 'celebrities' there in front...seriously Jason could smoke that Superman dude, and I think he's been there the 9 years we have...one time Marilyn Monroe pointed Jason out to him when we were there, but 'Superman' shook his head. If you go, you'll understand what the heck I'm talking about. Park at the Regency. My friend Lisa does an amazing star tours starting right in front of the Chinese Theatre. She was even there with her tour bus when the paramedics came to Michael Jacksons house. For real. She was on TMZ.

Go to Beverly Hills. Its pretty, its nice. I love it there. Fun to drive around and actually good shopping on Canon. And while we are talking shopping, I do love the Grove at 3rd and Beverly. Good place to eat, usually live music and fun stuff. I just like to look at everyone's clothes there there and dream about being a stylish hip mama. So I go just to show them some diversity. Actually the Americana is close to the same and closer to Pasadena (its in Glendale).

Universal City Walk...right by Universal Studios. Its free. Lots to do. Street performers. And while we are on street performers, I do love 3rd Street in Santa Monica...for the shopping and the street performers, plus its by the beach. Just stay away from the all silver man...is he still there?

Go see a show...its probably too late, but Conan, Jay Leno, Ellen
, the Price is Right, take your pick. Maybe you could all wear your Bama shirts and win Drew Carrey over?

Luckily Pasadena is a cute little place in itself and be sure to check it out. I love Colorado street...the street, its not a place to eat although there is great eating and shopping places all around there....please have some Gelato, its worth the trip here. I almost forgot, the Huntington Gardens is there too!


Let's discuss it. Angelinos don't travel at 8 a.m or 5 p.m if we can help it. We are smart. So the closer you can leave to 10 a.m the better it will be (No promises here, so you can check SigAlert for more traffic info.....no really do it). Next, don't get on the freeway after 2:30 of so, or 2 if you can help it. And then anytime after 7:30 is pretty good. This might sound crazy, but you'll thank me later. Back to the airport? Early morning is great...if only we could all travel at 5 a.m.

So if you find yourself getting on the freeway at nightmare times, just stay where you are, go shopping, get something to eat, and leave later. Now to contradict myself, I've had perfectly great traveling experiences leaving near Downtown LA (when Lindsey lived here, boo hoo) at 5 p.m. so you never know. But as a general rule, after 10-2 good. 2-7 bad. Now depending on how many of you are coming (and how many Texans) you could clog up our whole freeway system.

Ahhh, after writing this I am definitely going to go to the Getty for my birthday.

Good luck, don't be complaining how its not as friendly as the south. Its friendly in its own way. Just make chit chat with the tatooed guy at the grocery store instead. He's nice, I promise. Start counting how many languages you hear when you come, and no they are not all Spanish. The best part of LA is the diversity, the weather and the celebrities...am I right?

Go team.


Sara Jane said...

the all silver man was at 3rd street about 5 months ago-don't know if you've been there since then. The hiking spot looks awesome.

Hillary said...

Brooke, you're an awesome tour guide! Good points for sure. Although I'm one of the few CA natives that I know I sometimes find it hard to tell visitors what they should see/avoid when they come into town. You know, I've NEVER been to the Getty? It's shocking, I know. I'll go with you anytime I can get someone to watch my kiddos. Oh, a word of advice on people watching? Venice/muscle beach is dead in the winter and much more entertaining when the weather is nice.

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

We are coming out and are staying in Beverly Hills. We need something to do on Friday afternoon to kill time before flying back...can you recommend a good lunch place? I am not a total fan of really ethnic food.

mlauricella said...

what you got against Texans? ;)

brandon said...

thanks sis,
like multiple people in my class are going to the game though i'm sure they are second guessing right now.
did i tell you the u of al is closing the school for three days for people to travel, including giving three days off to the janitors and professors and every staff member (i wonder if it is paid), either way i believe they are pretty stoked, if they win probably everybody will honestly seriously get at least a half letter grade higher that semester from the profs.

Claire said...

First off, I love your tips!
Caleb and I always take people to the Griffith Observatory. If you go during the day you can get AWESOME pics of the hollywood sign. If you go in the evening there are amazing views of the lights of downtown/hollywood, etc. The planetarium show is really cool and narrated live. If you get the girl performer, you're in luck- although the guy is pretty good too.
I think the silver man is creepy no matter where you encounter him... I came across one in Heidleberg Germany and I've had a phobia of street robot mimes ever since (11 years now).

Nancy Jo said...

You are so nice to go to all the work to do this! I have heard people print it to take it with them : )

embot said...

You are our own Gwyneth Paltrow! Perfect 'GOOP' post for LA! you're awesome and i'm coming to your bday at the getty.

Tanya said...

that was awesome and really funny, good job...and a lot of work what a great tour guide, I agree with Hillary :D...