Monday, December 14, 2009

Really Fast

Before I have to get back to the are the memorable kid quotes of the day.

First Quote

Baylie, " I want to marry a tree."

After about four times telling me this today I finally kneeled down and said, "Baylie I don't want you to marry a tree, I want you to marry a boy." She sighed and said, "Okay mom, I'll marry a nice boy."

Second Quote

Darby, "Evie and I were spitting on each other today. We both wanted to be Mary in the play"
when talking about what happened at preschool.

She ended up losing to the part of Mary but is the angel. "Mary doesn't say anything, but the angel does." I need to laugh about this withe Evie's mom.

Third Quote

Luke, "Mom you are actually fun."

(after we had been playing catch for a while)

Ouch, that last one hurt a bit, guess I have a resolution for 2010, to distinguish myself from the slave driver.

My kids love to play in the front because its the only place we have grass, but it can be precarious chasing balls down our steep street before they get away. Today I had to book it twice in jeans and sandals, but no way wasn't I going to get that ball when I got three little fans jumping in my yard yelling "Go Mom Go. Go Mom Go!" and then "YAY!" when I reached the ball. I might just toss the ball down the street myself just to hear the sounds of my victory run again.

Okay, back to the manual labor bit.


Maria said...

You are totally a fun mom! We'll be in town soon. I'm excited to see you and the kids again!

Nancy Jo said...

I love your kids!!! Too funny that they yell - Go Mom Go and YAY. I want to see you run after the ball too : ) Just kidding. Miss you!

Mrs. Anderson said...

haha I love the cheer squad~

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Don't stop commenting...I like serial commenters! =)

Lindsey said...

Funniest quotes ever. Miss you guys too. Way to go playing catch out front. Our only yard is out front too:).

Tanya said...

lol, those are funny. I love Bailey wanting to marry a tree... and that she said she would marry NICE boy instead "hhhmmmmhhmm....Kevin????"