Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last Week Til Christmas

Love my red husband and baby? Aren't they cute? This is Jason's female mini me.

This picture could also be called "Shadow Head Man" or Jason with 'Patrick dempsey hair?" Hmmm....Wish I knew how to get rid of that. Dang unbreakable camera.

Mom, remember when we bought this when Luke was a baby? I think she was the first to wear it.

Doesn't she look cute? I love her dress, I wish I had it in my size. She helped deliver toffee with me this morning to the people I visit teach. I went in the nursery at church today with this little girl. Baylie hit almost everyone there, I asked the teacher if she was always like this and she said, No she's really sweet, it must be because you are there. Awesome.

Darby thinks Paisley is her personal live doll. She is a natural.

Had a picture of Luke in here cause I've been missing him. Don't know what pose this is, but he is eating a pecan bar that I made. Like pecan pie in bar form. Smart kid.

I got real sad today that this is the last week for Christmas songs, Christmas shopping and the anticipation of it all. There really is nothing like it.

Studio City people, Mint Canyon ward has some stiff competition on you. Our Christmas music program was the most amazing thing I thought they would charge me for tickets afterward. Loved the violin guy, he was rockin it.

Jason missed church today with a bad cold. We were thinking it was just the second time in our almost ten years married life.

Merry Christmas


Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures!!! Sad I don't remember buying that outfit : ( Your kids all look sooo darling. Just want to give them all squeezes and smooshes. Laughed at Jason's hair comment. Maybe we can Skype for Christmas!

brandon said...

funny you wrote mini me cause i was thinking, that baby got a strong dose of mccoy. then get to see baylie who evens it out more on the evans side. cute of darby. she will be a good older sis i think. also luke cool as usual. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! pecan pie bar! mmmm, you know pecan pie with ice cream i could put on my daily dream desert menu if they are available. oh yeah i am no photographer, but i think your hair shadow is more lighting and angle problems than camera possibly. yeah for elvis, bing crosby, gene autry and the home alone soundtrack Christmas songs and Hymns of course.