Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Entirely Too Many Pictures

The baby blessing gang. It was so nice to have friends come see Paisley blessed. It made us feel loved. Thanks everyone! Thanks for driving out to our new ward building by the horses.

McCoys with the kids

Are we hot or what? Maybe we should work on getting our costumes to go together more next year huh?

Pinkalicious Forever! Or 'sunburned lady in pink clothes" Take your pick.

Our family of Six! With Jason and his woman hair.

This is my favorite picture of the bunch and the first to document her smile on camera.

This is a very funny picture to me. Like grandpa is checking her out to see if he approves...maybe that was what he was doing.


I'm buying a million of these thing next year. Who knew they'd be such a hit. There were our only two and they all shared them and their germs. Yuck.

Grandma and Darby

Pumpkin carvers and helper

Why doesn't this girl wear any clothes?

Grandpa carved Darby's pumkin.

Nana with Paisley, notice her paisley shirt!

Boo. Okay, Halloween's over. On to the next holiday people!

I read Luke and the kids a book tonite that Nana had brought. He told me he liked it when Grandpa read it better. I asked him why, and he said, he just likes grandpa's voice. Me too. Maybe they can video themselves reading our favorite books and burn it to a disk? Really we need to learn to Skype I think and then read books together.


missmisty said...

Cute Pics. Thanks for sharing. We can for sure come to baby #5's blessing. I can't wait to kiss that Paisley. She is cuter than cute. I love that Bailey is naked... who cares she is little. If she is 17 and still doing...then, invest in some counseling. Jason looks awesome. You should have matched him and been the crazy gun shot girl from college...remember you and Jaime's creepy face paint.

Lindsey said...

Loved all the picts. Cute pumpkins. You know I never even saw 1 pumpkin here.I like the pinkalicious! That is the cutest smile of Paisley's and I can't believe you are a family of six! Cute Grandparents picts. Your kids are so cute. Tell them hi and lets do skype!

Susannah said...

Hey Brooke, it's Susannah Ivey McCord from Northview! Love your blog! You have a beautiful family! Halmark has some books that you can record voices reading the book.

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