Saturday, August 29, 2009

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Here is Luke accepting his award at the new scary school. Checkout the Viking mascot in the background. It was a six grade student sweating in there. Baylie talked about it the rest of the day. Lucas, as he goes by at school to his request, was less than thrilled about getting this and immediately afterwards asked me to take him home. Sorry kid, gotta stay.

Sorry for all the blurry pictures.

I am a tomato killer. In my first real attempt. Stupid hoity toity tomato-mania could not make a grower out of me. My neighbor who got hers at Lowes had them growing like a maniac. The Washington wedding was the last killer...and the sun fried them pretty good. Death to my cucumber and green peppers too. Dumb plants. Better luck next year.

This is why I kill myself. This is why I dragged my fat body to the beach this summer, even when it was raining, cold and Darby got a fever...all in the name of fun. Because when Luke started school, the only thing he wrote about his summer was his two days of 'bech caping"...or what we call beach camping.

Photographer Darby, who I made take my picture in the shortest hair I've had in a long time that I paid too much for hair do. I know its like a major rule to not drastically cut your hair the week before you deliver but I thought I could handle it. I feel a bit too stacked in the back....of my hair people, we all know I'm plenty stacked. Do you like my super fancy bathroom? Its really cool to throw your hand towels on the floor. Do it. And then post a picture of it on your blog. Also, I was told that if you take a picture and leave a little space next to your arms it will make them look skinner. I think it totally worked.... all my chorister arms just vanished...wink wink. no seriously though, the other picture darby took was worse so if i have my hand on my hip posing like paris for the rest of my life you'll know why.

Check out this awesome toy. I thought it was all flimsy and my kids would break it, but it was tough. And super light to move. My friend Becky said she has even stood on it cause its so durable (she is the size of lindsey so its not like it held jason or anything, but still those kids were plenty crazy on it...) We have had lots of fun with all the kids in our ward. Lots of boys and we need more boys in our life.

These girls have been dragged to lots of doctors appointments lately. And have been pretty good troopers. This is supposed to be 'scary faces'.

Look at all the fun stuff to play with at the doctor. A bunch of crippled hands. But don't worry, the one of the right can come apart and you can see the inflammation and fake puss inside. They loved it.

Did I mention she dresses herself? Which is why she is wearing an 18 month pj top (which was backwards most of the day) and darby's too big of pants. it sure looks like she is about to whack darby, huh.... I would not be surprised.


Lindsey said...

You are so freakin funny...I laughed throughout the whole thing you tomato killer. ha ha. At least you tried. Luke does not look happy in that award picture, poor guy, but so cute picture of the beach camping. I love love your hair and you look super skinny!! And I already do throw my towels on the floor, or the kids do. Abby has that climber toy and it is a hit. I wonder how much they are. Your kids are too cute. Tell them hi from us please!

Maria said...

You are smokin hot girl!

Nash said...

if only my face looked that thin during my last month of pregnancy. WOW. you look great.
i love your hair. take a pic of the back for us to see.
i am afraid to try to plant anything. i did those dollar herbs from target and they lasted a couple weeks and then i got sick of watering them (inside my house). never even used them to cook with. oh well.
hope you get your baby this week.

brandon said...

cute pictures of the girls. so sad about luke. try to let him know that you can try to make school fun even when it is not fun. let loose a little. it is only the first grade. and then tell him when he redoes the 2nd grade it will be soo easy for him.

Tanya said...

poor Luke, he looks so sad...It will turn up for him, I'm sure. I love your haircut and that picture is pretty dang cute. You do look particularly thin in the face (and arms) for being in the 9th month.

Renee said...

You crack me up! You are too funny. Miss you always making me laugh. Poor Luke. Hopefully it will get better. Love the new do. It is way cute! Yes take a picture of the back so we can see.

Heather said...

What kind of award did Luke get? My sister's kids would've been scared to death of that mascot. They would've screamed if you tried to make them get that close to it. You are one cute pregnant momma. Have fun with your Mom when she comes this week.

Amber said...

Too bad "Lucas" is still not liking school. He has A LOT of years to go.

LOVE the picture of you and LOVE your new hair cut. Can't wait to see it in real life.

alison said...

hot mamma Brooke! I LOVE your hair. And why the heck do you look so skinny weeks away from giving birth? Honestly, you look amazing.

English Garden said...

I need your hair lady's # it is super cute.

Claire said...

You look fantastic! Teeny tiny pregnant girl!

Also... I feel your pain on those tomatoes- I had bought a drawf orange tree in February, and it has died a slow painful death ever since. I should post a pic of it on my blog, since it's still in the window dead. haha It's too heavy to move! What's awful is that I want to give it another go! I'm convinced I know what I did wrong. poor tree haha.