Saturday, May 9, 2009

My dirty dirty kids

Did you know it got up to 104 this week? Did I mention that was the same day Luke had a Thursday baseball game? The day after he had already had a 2 hour practice the day before. Two games left for the Rangers. So by the end we had doused water on the girls to keep them happy. And because I'm running out of ideas.

On another note....lame Manny. No Mannywood anymore.

After a brutal 15-7 loss...but Luke made an out and hit well so he was happy.

Future baller? or Cheerleader? We have our 'people' present at all times. I limited it to 2 purses, the girl did have four.

We have to dress her like a girl, because you wouldn't know better when she is jumping off the bleachers and playing in the mud. Really I think thats the best kind of girl.

I think this is a face only this mother could love. Dirty dirty.

Playing etch a sketch...after we had already dumped out all the Jenga pieces. Seriously, ideas totally gone. I then resorted to chips and lollipops. This picture was also before she whacked this cute little three year old and wiped mud on her.

People playing girl.

This was after a different practice but I had it on my camera. On the back? Really?

Click on this to get the full effect of this dirty face. I need to cut her bangs.

My parents arrived to LA yesterday, and after an 1 1/2 drive in Friday traffic I got to my sisters! Ahhh! But it was worth it to see them.

Nothing like having the cavalry come.


mist said...

Cute pics!

Pam said...

not a good week for our a/c to break:(. and manny, soooo disappointing!!

Tanya said...

I love your girls, they are awesome, I was like them and look at me, lol I turned out okay a little rough but can doll it up if I have to :)