Friday, May 29, 2009


I have nothing interesting to say except that we are in limbo.

Starting to make a mess at my current residence while trying to make the other one move in ready.

And its going to be a CRAAAA-zzzy summer.

The first ever McCoy reunion (there are 8 kids remember?) that has been in the works for almost a year is getting revamped since Jason's sister is getting married now the week later (the Mormons don't mess around). Seattle here we come.

And I am looking into cloning myself. I think this might be very smart. That way the crabby lady can go work on the house all day and clean and make some sense of the chaos. Then the happy mom can cook and help at home and not force her kids to play in the dirt that is the back yard while she is cleaning the popcorn residue off the walls.

But Mr. Lowe's guy I would just like you to know that since you told me that only professionals can texture walls and I can't do it...which I think you were just saying since I'm a woman and one with a big belly, now I'm determined that you are dumb and I can do it. Because not all Lowes employees are the same and I think I just scored the sexist dumb one cause I doubt you'd say that to my husband.

Or maybe I'll just cave in later cause I'm not a magician people. I can't do everything.


christy said...

you can do it! you have the will of a pregnant lady. anything can be done with those hormones in gear!
those "professionals" started at the beginning like anyone else. They can learn and so can you. I have also found that a homeowner pays much more attention to detail because they have to live with the results. "professionals" often try to get away with a half done job.

Heather said...

What kind of texture are you wanting to do? Some of it is as easy as mixing some stuff in with your paint. Others you may have to rent machinery for. My Dad put the popcorn texture on the ceilings in the addition to our house in the '80's. He rented a machine and did it himself. Now I'd like to be like you and scrape it all off.

Tina W said...

I've textured walls before. It's not that hard. I had some big caulking-type gun and then a big scraper. I didn't like it, but I did it.

Anonymous said...

seriously, i think it's pretty awesome you and jason scraped off all the popcorn. the thought of it alone seems overwhelming! chris' dad did it their house many, many years ago.

Beth said...

I love the Lowe's guy rant!! YOU CAN DO IT!

Tanya said...

my sister and mom did a foux (sp?) finish on the bricks over the fireplace to make them the red/yellow type insteadof the gray/brown type and no one can tell they didn't comet that way. I think you can do anything you want and he should have been more helpful. My mom's lowe's guy showed her how to do it, you did get a dud!!!

cori said...

you will look back and think..."how did i do that? i am simply amazing." and you are, so keep it up mama mccoy!

you are doing it!

clone! we need more people like you. mr. lowes can shove a can of texture you know where!

way to go! there or be square.

love is in the air! whoohoo sharla!

Nancy Jo said...

I would love to have you go back to Lowes with Jason and talk to the guy... that would be funny to watch. Hang in there - one day at a time, you can do it!

charlotte and clarke said...

I love reading your blog, you are so real and I can completely relate to everything. I know I am a bad friend, but where are you moving to?

English Garden said...

I'm sure you can do the texture but can't quite work out why? I need a vision, some of our walls are textured and I'm not so into it, although when Eric put up his wall he had to texture it to match the rest and it was pretty easy. I think cloning is the way to go, that or be a vampire where you can do everything super fast and not need to sleep. Maybe just work on the essential rooms, living, kitchen and your bedroom then have all the kids in one room and as you finish a room spread them out, that way you don't need to totally kill yourself getting into the house.