Saturday, May 16, 2009

Harry Potter anyone?

My mom and some of her girls.

I pretty much wanted to throw up at the thought of going to my brother in law's graduation early dinner at the Grove. I knew my kids wouldnt' last during the actual graduation, but did want to still celebrate with them. But I still had big reservations.

One, I would be without Jason. Since we were meeting at 2:45 p.m. and he is swamped. Two, it is not Fuddruckers and thats about all the fine dining in public my kids are used to. Three, we needed to look nice. And Four, did I mention I was nervous to take my kids to a nice restaurant at the Grove by myself where my kids needed to look nice, I'd have to take Luke out of school early and its about an hour drive at that time?

Look, its the Harry Potters!

But fortunately my sister is a genius (You are too court). Seriously I was impressed. Genius.
She brought lots of these fuzzy wire things that I can't remember what they are called at the moment. And they saved us. That and the bag of candy that I was giving to them little my little in between course.

I also had brought my big stash of low expectations. Holy cow we survived and I even got to put some food in my mouth and it was yummy.

I was quite a sight walking down the street at the Grove with my now big old pregnant belly, with my 2, 3 year old (for another week) and 6 year old. The Grove is full of kids, just not moms with that many kids...and no nanny. I was amusing myself.

And did I mention that at the Grove they were wonderful? Just wonderful. We rode top deck at on the 'train'. And saw the Coy fish....real cool the McCoys were checking out the Coy....see still amusing myself.

So for your attention, check out the cute little Harry Potters.

Special thanks to my parents and awesome Paula for banishing themselves to the kiddie table as well. We should pat ourselves on the back.

I think thats a ring and bracelet.

By the way, I'm totally getting these for church. Just imagine giving a talk and the speaker looks out all choked up and feeling the Spirit, and then they see my row of Harry Potters....that would be very amusing.

Congrats to Nathan for finishing dental school...and for my sister for surviving him in dental its just boards and maybe moving far away from me...but I'm pretending that part isn't going to happen. Was going to spoil where, but didn't want to get my sister mad at me...I'll let her tell. If it works out, I know you'll want to visit.

I did one time make an awesome curly mustache for in my nose but didn't get a picture of that.


Tanya said...

that really is a great idea, I am totally going to start keeping those in my diaper bag, along with lollypops, and cars... I am glad it all went well. I really want to know where your sis might be going so tell her to e-mail me lol :)

Anonymous said...

love that. i'm gonna need some ideas in a year or two. so excited nathan graduated too! awesome.

Lindsey said...

Thanks for making the effort to go! That was sooo nice! And for watching my kids during dinner. Your kids looked so cute! Those picts are awesome. Dallas didn't take off her glasses the whole time after when we walked through the Grove. Nathan and Dad kept hearing people talking about them in Spanish as we walked by. I got the idea from a pro Mom of 3 in my ward who brings them to church every Sunday.

Heather said...

Love the Harry Potters. We call them pipe cleaners. They're pretty cheap too. A little birdy told me where Lindsey might be going, and I couldn't believe she might move that far away. If you went to visit, you'd have to stay a while to make the trip worth it. She might have trouble getting rid of guests. Once they are there, they may never want to leave.