Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who wants to cook Indian?

If I am not having a baby on Sept. 8 (due the 12th) weekend,

look at this one time class description

in the area we are looking to move.

Anyone want to do it with me?

Its not that far away...

Delectable Chicken Curries

Learn to make authentic chicken curries, better than you’ve tasted in any
restaurant! We will prepare four delectable dishes including Tandoori
Chicken that is great for barbeques, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken in
Lentil Curry, and Chicken Doh Piaza, all perfect for entertaining friends and
family. Students will gain knowledge on how to blend spices, and learn
tips on cutting time, not taste. Bring a dishcloth. Recipes included. A $25
material fee due at workshop.
Fee: $25

Sat-8/8 11:30 am-2:30 pm

or how about this one

Sushi Making
Learn to make sushi that is just as good as what you order at your favorite
sushi bar. Learn all the basics from buying fish to making rice and rolling
edible masterpieces. We eat as we go, so come hungry! Bring a sharp knife,
cutting board and hand towel to class. Recipes included. A $15 material
fee due to instructor at workshop. Fee: $55

Sat-6/27 11:45 am-1:45 pm


Amber said...

Yeah, that's cuz this is an awesome place to live.

aedozier said...

If I weren't in AL, I'd take the sushi class with you! I am dying to learn how to make it.

English Garden said...

I may actually sign up for the Indian class whether its in my area or not.

Crazy Lady said...

Claire, I was thinking of you, but your phone was busy when I called

Andrea said...

Oh I wish I was totally there - I'd be all over both of those classes - my favorite foods!!

Anonymous said...

Where are you looking to move? :)

Nash said...

i bet pam would, cept they will be here.
i would LOVE to learn, especially how to make some good ole califoria rolls.
prices aren't too bad either.

Nancy said...

I will tend!

Hillary said...

I'd be up for the curries. Where are the classes offered? :)

Maria said...

this makes me hate utah a little bit more.

gina said...

Did I miss something? Where are these classes Utah?

Sarah said...

Dan can show you how to make sushi, Brooke. He has all the supplies and can get the ingredients. He served his mission in Japan and so we've had a few nights of sushi making at our house. Except the way I like sushi is very boring (no fish, only veggies).

Tina W said...

I learned how to make sushi last year and it was great. However, I never make it. The best lesson was how to make homemade pot stickers. Love those and you can freeze them.