Wednesday, April 15, 2009

nothing much

Lately my children have been hijacking my camera...usually when I need them to sit and be quiet for a few moments. And my camera is very durable.

My house is patched up. I've almost cried in the shower for the last two days. Seriously almost cried. No more drip drip drip...freezing the whole time as you try to get all the little drips to cover and wash yourself before your kids come in and use the bathroom while you are showering and you hope its not number two.

Because for the last two mornings I have been transported back to Alabama where I grew up loving showers because the water blasted out. As happy as I am that I complained enough to our landlord about the brown water, it sickens me that we've done the drip drip drip for so long. Good thing our rent is cheap.

Seriously its the little things in life, isn't it. Or maybe just having lived in my life I now appreciate the little things.

Excuse the half naked picture. But this girl is showing off her 'people'. She wants to play people every second of every day. She lugs them around and sometimes loses one, like how we are still praying to find Prince Phillip over breakfast every morning. Dang baseball practice.

Another shot.

More hijacking of the camera. My almost naked Baylie. With her snugly blanket that hopefully is clean.

Ohhh I forgot about the twos, oh my. Good thing she is a riot.

But plumbers and workers aside, the most painful moment of the week had to be at Baylie's doctor appointment. When the nicest pediatrician you've ever met (seriously I love him and I think he is at least 75) opens my file from our last well baby visit at 1 years and goes through the list of all that has happened to Miss Baylie this year.

The talk of shame.

Not that I needed remembering, but he has forgotten.

Serious head injury in July after falling in a grocery cart. Which results in a head xray to check for damage. Followed by her rectal strep. Two bouts of stitches, both in the head..."oh wait, you saw Dr. Namaze ...twice" (the plastic surgeon)..."within two weeks" Followed with an ear infection. I could barely look at him in the eye. And when he left the room immediately following, I was sure he was calling child services again to remind them about me.

May you never know what that is like. or if you do maybe I'll just like you ten times more and buy some ice cream.

On another side note, one of my favorite friends was hard to get a hold of and finally found out that her phone had died. Because she had left in in the sprinklers...her fancy phone. Which after I hung up with her I thought, that is why we are friends. Because I would do that. And she is super super cool. But I probably like her ten times more for the phone story.

See how I painted my table? Its tomato red. And do you like my pink/purple shoe? i love that shoe. Kangaroos, very old. And the ikea chair on the side so we can sit everyone at the table. Our family is growing and we broke a chair. And I have yet to go to the hotel surplus store I've been meaning to get a new set...I need sturdy ones.

My sister in law Cori is always doing the cutest posts ever (like ever). Ones I like of hers also are where she showcases her favorite places in her house. the stuff that comforts her and makes her feel at home. I feel like I know her better. I like to know where she reads her book and what her last project was.

I don't know, but this picture sure feels like my home. The if you walked in right now this is what you'd find picture. So maybe call first.

The blue thingy is the booster baylie sits in on the wood chair (the ikea ones are too flimsy) when she eats...and then usually throws somewhere later. Okay, now that we are looking, you can see part of the doctor kit on the cushion where my kids give shots like mommy. And think I got enough books crammed in the bookshelf? and those are only our favorite favorites.

These would be containers that Darby carries her 'people in'. don't know what the black thing is underneath but looks like maybe a sweatshirt of mine and then you got the 'people' house in the corner. only thing that is missing is seeing our super fancy tv. can i get a shout out if you haven't got a flat screen yet either? I swear its cool.

So I've been a bit of a crabby pants lately.

But after some candy, an apple soda and American Idol, i'm feeling better. And I read a book in the last day and I haven't read a book in a while. I read lots, the newspaper, magazines, the scriptures, blogs, but haven't read a book in a while. Mostly I was pretending there weren't workers in my house and that I haven't been trapped to it and in between playing 'people'.

Can I pre-apologize if you catch me in a bad mood in the next couple of months? Or if I'm too snappy or too blunt? Or just rude? Is pre apologizing allowed? I guess if I'm being aware enough to pre-apologize I should just be aware enough to not do it. To zip it.

As much as I like to pretend that pregnancy isn't altering and not scare anyone into not getting pregnant anyway, I've been wondering if I've been a bit possessed. By the pregnancy hormone demons. Because if I haven't been possessed by hormone demeans that might actually mean that I just really am a big crab. I sure hope not.

Did I mention the house hunting score? Sellers 1 , McCoys 0.

Thankfully I'm married to Mr. Optimistic where I am Miss-pessimistic-because-I-actually-have-the facts. He is the calm to my storm. No really I hope it will work out. Meaning so that I can get Darby into a good preschool and not be the most enormous pregnant moving lady in the world.

If only we could look into the future. Wouldn't that be nice? Too bad it doesn't work that way and we have to learn and grow...bla bla bla.


Kira =] said...

i think bla bla bla really sums it up. Sometimes thats exactly how I feel. And did you read my latest post? Josie started walking only after I finally cleaned up the floor. So, yeah I'm that mom, too.

And my older sister Anna has gotten the same talk of shame and dealt with child services before. i think if you have more than 2 children and you let them act like children they are going to get hurt. fact of life.

Heather said...

What was causing your plumbing problem? I've noticed a decrease in water pressure over the last year or so, and it's really a pain now that I have 5 additional people living in my house. I called the water dept. to have them check my meter. I hope it's not something I'll have to pay to fix.

English Garden said...

sucks about your water, when are they going to be done? come over and hang out if you need a break.

Nancy said...

I love your red table! Darby is so cute with her peoples - I want 2 play. That is funny your kids take lots of pictures. Hope you find the house of your dreams soon.

THE VEA DUO said...

Ya, pregnancy hormones really do a number! I so don't feel like myself. I get emotional over REALLY SILLY things....

like going to subway and getting a salad. The lady asked me what kind of dressing I wanted (pointing to the ones put on the sandwiches) and then afterwards another lady was like, "you didn't want a salad dressing packet, ranch..." SO, I got sad and cried because I really wanted ranch not the gross sweet onion crap!

mist said...

cheer up charlie. Wish we could go to pinkberry or better yet the beach! THe house thing is going well because you are not looking for the right picket fence:-)

Lindsey said...

I think we might have Prince Philip. I noticed him today and thought it wasn't ours. I love your red table. That's awesome about your water! I love that. Also, aren't you glad you have a camera that your kids can take pictures! I love D is almost doing the splits--she should be a gymnast. I can't find my camera charger.

Brent and Emily said...

You are totally allowed to pre-apologize! I've never been preggo, but I understand crazy hormones and pre-apologizing saved a few of my relationships while we were doing fertility treatments. Just because you are aware enough to apologize now doesn't mean you will be when the time comes that you might say something snappy. So yeah, in conclusion, you're awesome! :)

P.S. My older sister is freakin supermom but even she is a maniac when she's preg. Her husband always says it's a good thing they had been married for 3 years before they got preg or else he'd never have know the real her since she was pregnant or nursing for the next 13 years.

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

Yep, you have single-handedly scared me out of getting pregnant. Lol!
I love your blog Brooke. I love your honestly. You make us all feel like it's going to be okay...I think you are more optimistic than you give yourself credit for.
Yes, Darby should be a gymnast. If she was closer, I'd call dibbs on her. She's would be awesome.