Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grandparent Surprise

We had a great surprise Wednesday night. Jason's grandparents, Bob and Vera McCoy, called to say they were in our area and wanted to visit. I can't even remember the last my kids saw them, Darby was definitely a baby so Baylie has never even met them.

Here's them camping out in our driveway...

There were a few things that were especially awesome.

First of all was that my kids loved them immediately. All they knew was that we told them these were their grandparents and they were sold. Hugging, kissing, talking, can't be close enough loving. And the grandparents loved them right back. No warm up period necessary which every mother knows is often not the case enough if you really want them to love someone.

We cherished those few hours we had for them. We all cried when they left because my kids are starving for the closeness of their grandparents. But also because we don't know when we will see them again. Every new kid is also a new airplane ticket and Washington is far away...not as far as Alabama but too far for us to drive.

We were so touched that they would come visit and think it important to see us.

McCoy boys

We love great grandma and grandpa McCoy. Thank you again for brightening our week. My kids are still asking why you had to go and how they wish you were still here.

Good thing my parents are coming next week, because we are missing our family severely now.


Nancy said...

no picture of you? Jason looks so cute by his grandpa. Luke looks so tall on the couch and I love that the dog is in the girls laps and Darby has a hand on it. Too cute. That is so nice they came to visit. Where were they headed next?

brandon said...

your kids are so handsome and beautiful. his parents look great. like the mariners cap.

Nathan said...

The kids look SO happy. that is cute they came to visit. I love that they had a trailer! How fun.

christy said...

i love that they get out and go places together and visit people and just take their little home with them. sounds fun.

Darek said...

That's awesome they were in town. Glad all the kids just loved 'em right away. Thanks for the pics too, it's been a long time since we've seen Gma and Gpa