Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Some people are organized. It comes naturally to them. They like it. But not me. I like organized things, but it does not come naturally. And usually lasts about five minutes.

I think its against the grain of my brain. Seriously. Because no matter how many times I've seen this closet for the last two years, I just have been annoyed and never thought to organize. Fold? What? Hey, they are clean!

Some days those organizing people in my life take pity on me and help me out. I try to learn from them. My mother in law = organizer. Misty = organized. My family = like me. I love you family. I love you organizers too, even if you make me feel like a piece of poo sometimes. I'm just shocked that we are the same species sometimes. Like why didn't I get that gene?

But this post is to impress you in my effort. I do value organization. Even if I have pathetic efforts and takes my entire brain capacity. Cause this was an all day affair...us moms of three have to set low standards so that we feel good about achieving them. Like 'try to organize the linen closet to make more room for craft supplies in other area." Not to mention the 'making a my because I'm trying to clean a mess'. Check.

And while we are on the subject, this could be the root of my problems. This enormous bottle of spaghetti sauce from Costco fell out of my pantry and killed my floor. And sprayed down the hall on the carpet and the doors. In fact I'm still finding spritz of sauce in random places. I lick them off. Just kidding.

But when I wondering how this dumped out, I took a good look at my pantry. My unorganized pantry. I'm a renter (possibly lifelong but dont' get me moaning) so I can't put in shelves. So instead I creatively stack.

Like I actually couldn't find that enormous sauce a week ago when I needed it. Not until it fell and dumped out on my floor, and it was like 'Surprise! You do have sauce, it was in your pantry." And I was like, 'why couldn't I find that before?...guess I make spaghetti tonite...I did not use the bit that dumped on the floor. It was delicious the one that I made to. And I made sure to call my husband and tell him how lucky he is. Because while I may not have come far in the organizing department, I have come far in the cooking one..and lets try to focus on the positive.


Maria said...

Good job on the closet and on your creative stacking!! I'm still working on organizing AND cooking so at least you've got one down.

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

that takes skill to stack like that...maybe you're a stacker, not an organizer. you would have done excellent on survivor...their last challenge was to stay cards 10 feet high.

Gina said...

This has to be my favorite post ever! Some things never change, that's why I love you! I am so the same having an organized house is not my thing either. I love reading your blog because while some people keep it all about the flowers and roses yours is true to life. Thanks for the breath of fresh air, and so you know, I feel your pain!

Sara Jane said...

I don't even think I have the guts to take a picture of my closets and put them on my blog. Good job for making the effort to reorganize them.

Nancy said...

Your closet looks fabulous!!! Good for ;you!

Sarah said...

I enjoy organizing. I don't enjoy cooking . . . maybe we could switch!

Tanya said...

you are so funny, 1. because you took a before and after pic of your closet. 2. because you took a pic of your sauce on the ground. ( I would not have thought to do that I would have been so devestated at the mess) and 3. because you are right on I like to organize, i'm one of those but when renting you have to make do with what you have and I creatively stack in all my cabinets and lack of pantries, i don't even have a pantry. So Here is to you thank you for keeping me laughing and for making me feel better about my mess, because alas i am not the only one!!