Friday, November 21, 2008

Yahoo its Friday!

No matter how poopy the week has been, Yahoo its Friday. And everything seems to resolve itself...or we just get over it. Here is Jason and the kids at Americana in Glendale or "The Grove in the Valley"

Did I mention that Luke really didn't want his picture taken here? Not that you could guess. Thank Jackie for that pirate vest, which I think you got at the 99 cent store over a year ago. We have made good use out of it. And thank you 'the people who found Darby' for the hand me down clothes that Baylie is wearing. And thank you mom for buying Darby's whole outfit. Looks like I need to contribute more to my children's wardrode. Wait...the shoes I bought. The shoes.

Its a Par--tay! Vanilla shake please. No onion! Luke said In N Out is even better than McDonalds! True that.

We got real friendly with those people on the other side of the glass. Since my kids faces were smashed against it looking at them the whole time.


1. All the awesome movies coming out: Sleeping Beauty, Kung Fu Panda and Tinkerball...all so cute. Of the three, buy Kung Fu Panda.

2. Going to see Twilight tonite at the Arclight. Movies are just way better there.

3. The Step Up 2 Soundtrack that Lindsey got me for my birthday last year.

4. We have busted out the Christmas music. Gina, you sold me so long ago on Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas is You.

5. Three weeks with no stitches. The 'safety' month is working!


Gina said...

INN N OUT, You are making me homesick! It's been too long. I used to go there religiously, it's right down the road from my High School! As for the Mariah Carey I still love that song! I was just driving down the road yesterday belting it out with my kids in the car. I told them it was my 2nd favorite Christmas song, (we discuss our lists of favorites regularly) right after O Holy Night. Here's a flash back for you! Do you remember that nobody guy ( meaning the guy that nobody knew) that sang the most beautiful version of O Holy Night in our BYU ward one Sunday. I think that is when it became my favorite. I still haven't heard anyone sing it better. Do you remember that?

Crazy Lady said...

nope gina, all i remember is you singing mariah carey on the table :)

Hillary said...

You inspired me. I just put on my Christmas playlist. I'm gonna grab Mariah Carey's song too cause I don't have it yet ;)