Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Daddy - O

Did I mention that my parents are in town? And that Jason's parents fly in tomorrow? And Garlan drove up tonite... Can you say turkey PAR-TAY! Did I also mention that my kids were not cooperating on the 'pictures right before church with grandpa'.

Why does the best picture have to have this backdrop? Oh well. Its cute anyway.

A few minutes before church means we squeeze in a quick game of hoops.

And for the record and to the pride and astonishment of his mother, Luke was Student of the Month at school on Monday. Holy cow, I figured it might take till the end of the year, but nope, nice and early. I don't remember ever getting that, I think I talked too much. Way to go my wild man. Glad your teacher likes you.

And to double brag, I got spoiled rotten today. I couldn't believe it, I was so lucky. My dad drove down, picked up my kids and drove them back to the Natural History Museum and then returned them to me and bought dinner. In traffic. He said they were pretty good even. I squeeze in a bunch of errands, bought a turkey and mopped the floor. Mighty productive day.


christy said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Tell your parents hello for me. They are so awesome. You are very lucky. Congrats to Luke! Tristan definitely talks to much at school like I did so no awards but he's learning just the same.

Tanya said...

I am so impressed with your dad!!!

Congrats to Luke and Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Heather said...

Have fun at your turkey party! Happy Thanksgiving!

Lindsey said...

Those are some cute picts with Gpa and the kids. I like his vest. And that was an awesome day for me too yesterday. I was totally spoiled. I know I am going to go into major mourning when they leave.

Lisa -- said...

Both of our parents are the best; one of kind. My parents knew that your parents were their kinder-spirits (Anne of Green Gables) when they meet them at the village. They are alike in so many ways. Gotta feel lucky!