Thursday, October 23, 2008


Okay, so I got tagged by Renee and Sara, so I'm combining the two.

I will do 6 quirky things about my husband, Jason. I'm sure he is going to love this...wink wink.

1. He scarily reminds me of my dad, a fact I did not realize until after we were married (not that I had lots of time to contemplate). He is very thorough and a perfectionist. Strangely he married me. (Although Luke reminds me of my dad more, in that he looks like him and tells everyone hello by name)

2. Jason has amazing grammar...due to his degree in English and intensive reading. Too bad my communications degree didn't help my grammar a bit.

3. Jason really wants to get in a fight. I think its his dream. One day I think he will come home with a black eye...maybe its repressed anger....or because of his fine-tuned self control. He does not lose his cool...which is probably why he should have fought that Lance kid in college when he had the chance, "My name's Lance, man..." Is that a good impression huh? Thats for all you McCoys.

4. He despise tomatoes.

5. Jason has hardly done anything wrong in his life and was one of those kids who didn't have to be grounded much.

6. My kids our going to inherit some sweet athletic ability from him. He can smoke the best of them. His favorites are football and basketball...and he is working out for the Turkey bowl next month.

I tag the bama bloggers. yourself or your spouse.


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

Jason should join a fight club. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Is that why he was so pumped (years ago) to meet Chris' jerk neighbor!?

Amber said...

Does he make the kids clean the fridge for punishment :)?

Courtney said...

That is hilarious that Jason is working out for the Turkey bowl. That freakin' cracks me up. Oh, the things you look forward to when you are parents. :)

Emily Faggard said...

Although, he and his brothers mercilessly called me "bangs" when we were little and I had cut my own hair. Not so much of a dis now, but back then it was awful.

Vicki said...

Glad to know that Jason is still looking to get in a fight. We spent much of our first semester at BYU looking for that opportunity to give him....alas we failed. You should ask him about his April fools joke letter he sent me when we were on our missions.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...that last comment was me. I realized I was signed in as my wife.