Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Check out that enormous bow in Darby's hair (which is her favorite of course, thanks Pam Nash). Gawdy and enormous. Never enough accessories!

Yep, this picture is not from today, because you can't wear that jacket in 90 degree weather!

Order of business:

Do you want to do the 6 a day challenge with us? http://6adaygals.blogspot.com/
I don't really want to, cause I really love my cookies, but I probably will...and then I might win so watch out girls. So we can be healthy (gag) during the holidays. You can mail your money in to Sara no matter where you live. (Yes, Courtney and Mom, we are re-starting, cause money is the best incentive). Interested? At least check it out because Sara, my running buddy, worked reall hard on it.

I was digging through some old quotes and found this. Unknown source

Best way to knock the chip off your neighbors shoulder is to pat him on the back


Pam said...

thanks for lightening the mood again! glad darby likes the GINORMOUS bow!!

Lindsey said...

I totally want to do that challenge--especially after all the candy I have eaten today. Girls definitely look fashionable! Love it, especially their bows and Baylie's glasses!

Sarah said...

I got my sister-in-law to sign up for the challenge. Still working on my people.

Amber said...

Thanks for the Prop 8 widget. I stole it from your blog.

Nancy said...

Darling pics of girls dressed up. I would like to do the challenge but don't see me exercising while at your house....