Monday, September 1, 2008

Please excuse the red eye

On Sunday we were itching for something to do, so called our friends to ask if we could come visit their puppy. They are one of the few friends within walking distance so it was a great sunday stroll. Meet Clarence the puppy...who was held...plenty.
Here Clarence was reluctantly playing a cat and Luke had to monkey up there to rub noses.
Did I mention that my eldest starts Kindergarten on Wednesday. I haven't met his teacher but heard from my neighbor that she is very easy and laid back. Lucky Luke.

And here is lies the red-eyed Baylie. But isn't that smile so cute?

Side note: I ingested two bugs while laboring in the backyard on Labor Day. One through my nose and one through my mouth. Yuck.

Double side note: Things I am excited about currently in no particular order

1. BYU and Alabama won this weekend. Yeah! Did I mention that BYU is ranked 16th? And we hope they smash UCLA. Please Bronco, please!

2. Sarah Palin....I think I love her. Seriously finally a woman politician who I like. I am re-excited about the election again, I can't read or watch enough about her. Go McCain for adding some spice. (courtney you need to call me so I can convince you) Talk about keeping it 'real'--have you heard about her daughter?

3. We had the best time at the beach on Saturday. What a way to end the summer. No pictures because cameras are banned. But it was just heaven and I think we saw 10 dolphins (two separate groups). I boogie boarded with my gal pals. And caught inch big sand crabs and a clam of some sort.

4. Jason and I went on a date Friday. Definitely worth the $50 in babysitting. We ate in Westwood, dessert at Diddy Riese and then went to the coolest theatre on Pico where all the seats were leather loveseats and couches, except the big red one in front where we sat because we didn't know it was assigned seating and showed up right before. Best way to watch a movie, (we saw Traitor).


Stephen said...

went to the beach. I think you are crazy about the running mate. I am glad you went on a date. Next time we are in town lets go watch a movie there...and of course, Diddi too. Have a great day. Kindergarten is an adventure and so fun. Good Luck!

Tanya said...

that is an adorable pic of Bailey. Your family is so cute.

mist said...

Ooops. I was signed in as my dad. Funny! My comment got cut off. I actually said I am jealous that you went to the beach. Toodles! Love Mist and Steve too:-)

Heather said...

I still can't believe babysitters make $50 in one night.

Crazy Lady said...

$10 an hour.

misty, who would you have wanted? he would have lost with mitt or joe lieberman

Lindsey said...

That theater sounds soo awesome. Love the picts. fun to see you!

cori said...

how long were you gone on your date? seriously. when can i babysit? love baylie's smile. darbs is getting so big!