Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee...or maybe not

One day left in the southeast corner of Alabama. We have had so much fun. Where has the time gone? this is our longest vacation on record and we loved it. So nice to be together.

Lake Eufala. My big butt didnt' get up wake boarding this time, but no worries and had a blast laying on a tube and getting bounced on the wake...lazy is so more my style.

In our element. Did I mention that we are very sad to leave? Anyone want to help me move out to the south? cause I could get used to this. It ain't a bad setup.

My brother promised Luke he would take him fishing. And they rode four wheelers and Luke even shot a gun!!!! Yeah not too happy about that last part, but nice to play with the boys.

My cute sister makes having babies 14 months apart look easy, yep its pretty sick. And she is cute to boot. I will miss here...crap i'm choking up already. this sucks.

Baylie is a fish. Yeps in the water even if you aren't ready so better have your eyes on her.

And mercy the food...holy moly the food. i've got tons of pictures of food and a much bigger, well-earned bee-hind. Here's my pretty girl devouring the boiled peanuts we got from the man on the corner who once kissed my mom (He's 90 and she's too friendly ....wink wink). They sure were good. In fact, I'm going to get some more tomorrow. All three kids loved them. Lindsey don't you have lots to look forward to when you come in two weeks?

Yo, G...this is the girl I want to set you up with. She is off to BYU this week. Suzy. 21 I think? I got her number for you. One of seven and she played basketball in high school. Cori and Amberli, don' you agree?

This would be how you get from the lake house to the dock where the boat is.

Riding in style.
Beats walking that 100 feet.


sara said...

It looks like you are having a blast. Michelle and I miss laughing at your little ones during church.

English Garden said...

Awesome pics, you are right the time has flown, I thought you still had at least another week. BTW I have the perfect quote for organization inspiration and I may have found the perfect camera for you - the olympus stylus 850sw waterproof camera.

Tara said...

I love the pics! Looks like everyone had a blast. We were at Lake Eufaula this weekend. Might have been right around the corner and not even known it :(

Amber said...

BOILED PEANUTS!!!! I LOVE boiled peanuts. Bring me home some. Ok, not really cuz they'll be gross. I'll get my own when I head to FL at the end of August.

Glad you're having fun!

mist said...

Looks like fun! I am sorry you have to leave. Tell the fam hi. Eat a few peanuts for my fam and some grits for Trent.

Amy Y said...

There is no fun like Bama fun! I'm glad you guys had a great time.

Sarah said...

Brooke, you look beautiful! Your family looks beautiful! You look like you're having a great time! Don't you love being around family?!

Amber said...

There's no place like home:) It was good to see you guys.

alison said...

Looks like sooo much fun at Nana's! What a nice summer vacation for your kids (and yourself)!!! Tell the family 'hi' from us.

Brent and Emily said...

It sounds like you are having SO much fun! You look great, vacations look good on you. :)

Arlene and Chris said...

You look so in your element!!! I would love to see more photos. :)