Friday, July 11, 2008

In case you are ever wondering if you should go to the store

Yesterday was a perfect day.

We played at the beach for 4 hours and the kids did great. I did great with my new carty thingy, except that $2 parking lot at Santa Monica beach is about a mile further than the others. Won't do that again. Then we went to Darby's music class and everyone did great.

But as a seasoned (insert laughter) mother, I have some words of wisdom to give if you are having a wonderful day....just go home.

DO NOT try to the grocery store to get one more thing. Even if your children are being wonderful. Even if they agree to fish and green beans for dinner. Just go home. Sometimes you only have so much perfect allotted for one day.

Because if you step away from the cart to grab some Hummus (Darby: "I love Hummus!) then your older to children will tip the cart with the youngest in the seat. It will be terrible.

Then your perfect day will end with a trip to the doctor, followed by the emergency room where you will just wait on the busiest emergency room day ever and then go home without seeing someone....and then another trip to the doctor in the morning and a trip for an xray. All while your cell phone is losing battery and your two best go-to friends who used to live the closest have moved away. Not to mention all the tramatized people who witnessed it at Trader Joes, and the blood on your clothes. We scored some free peas to put on her face.

And even though you might be able to pull it together and go into motherhood mode during the event, by the end it will have caught up to you and you will be an ugly crying mess, wondering why you could have taken your hand off the cart. Because you should be her champion. Her protector.

But prayers are answered and your husband was able to come home at 8 p.m. and give her a blessing. And her bump is a little better. Luke said the cutest prayer in the doctor's office to pray that Baylie would stay awake. And you'll learn a big lesson (who likes doing that anyway?). You will remember that you still have friends to call on (Thanks Arlene and Sara for being my angels) and you are not as alone as you feel. Or as bad as a mom as you feel.

Baylie is fine, or better than yesterday, and the xray says her skull is fine. But her face shows different and now we are left scared to ever go buy food again.

Have a safe weekend. Happy posts to hopefully follow soon.


Nash said...

OH that is awful.
I am so sorry.
It's too bad our kids can only take so much. Just when you think it's safe for one more errand, it's NOT.
I know, cause I have taken all 3 to Wal Mart and wanted to cry, even when it was our ONLY errand.
Thank goodness for good dad's who give blessings.

Gina said...

SOOO sorry! Sounds tramatic for all parties involved, I just went grocery shopping today and remembered why I don't go grocery shopping with 3 children. Hope she's better soon, don't feel too bad, seriously Life Happens!!!

sara said...

What an awful experience. I'm so glad that she is okay even though her face still looks bad.

Porter & Sara said...

n, ur comment didnt go thru. send it again!!!

beth said...

OH my gosh!!!!!!! First, I totally agree that if your day is going well - just stop there. Second - WHAT??!! Emergency room! Poor Baylie. I hope you know you can ALWAYS call us too if you need anything. Yikes. You're such a good mom.

christy said...

sooo sorry. i hate to take more than one kid with me to the store. i used to go while the other three were at school. now that it's summer i run to the store really quick when the hubby is home. i sometimes take all four but try not to. way stressful. now cory's going out of town for a while so i'll have to get a sitter or take them with me.

Kira =] said...

Oh, man. Why do we try to just squeeze one last thing in? It never ends well for me either.

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, Brooke! That sounds horrible! I hope everything is a little calmer now. Hopefully, in many, many years from now (like 20), this will be an experience you can look back on as a family and laugh about. But, right now, I am so sorry!!!! Not funny at all!!! I hope her face heals quickly.

kasie said...

Oh how sad! i hope she gets feeling better soon and that things calm down a bit.