Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fuji $5 camera back again

Sand Angels

at the less desirable Santa Monica beach that is closest too us. It was a seaweedy day

okay, so the fuji camera quality is not stellar and lacking of options, but will do.
I love hand me down clothes, in fact I'll be sad to say goodbye to my girl clothes if I don't have another girl, because Baylie looks so cute in the super silky princess pjs once worn by Miss Darby...not Darb.

As you can see its pajama time and Darby has her friends all around her. She loves to line them up and I hope you recognize the other Darby on the end. We love her too. Can you see Luke's big foot in the picture, its almost as big as mine. I wish the fuji delay wasn't so long because I take a picture and two weeks later or longer get to see it. Because I peeped into Luke's top bunk of his bed and he had 8 swords lined up and 2 shield and 4 blankets folded all neatly. He does not get that from me.

And this is what its really like at our house. And a tid bit of Luke's blanket shown. We are blanket people and love to snuggle with them. And maybe they will take them to college if there are any remains because I've had to sew up Luke's twice already...and you should see what my sister did to hers growing up. I'm still morning the loss of my yellow blankie that was misplaced on a trip...or maybe my parents just thought I was too old. We read a book called Owen (which of course we loved for the name alone, since Owen is one of our favorite people) and its about a mouse with a blanket who the genius mother mouse ends up making a bunch of hankie's out of it so he can always have a piece of blankie with him. Thats a great idea.


Beth said...

Dude, Brooke, I'm still mourning the loss of my yellow blanket that I lost on a trip.... but I was 22 and left it at a hotel in South Dakota never to be seen again. Random right? Seriously I hope I see it after this life, that's how much I miss it. Okay, I'll stop now.

christy said...

we lost tristan's yellow and blue star blankee on a trip. we will always miss it. he's my only kid that has been that attached to one. maybe they're all in yellow blankee heaven?

Heather said...

Cute picutes, even if they came from a disposable camera.

Tanya said...

Very cute, what is this about what was found in luke's bed? I must know more about this story, that is so funny.