Monday, July 14, 2008

Dinner was Good

If you want your family to think your dinner is really good (don't you love free advice), then be a lazy bum on Sunday and make your family scavenger for food.

That way when its Monday and you decide to cook a proper meal, they will think its wonderful. And don't serve them until they are starving...that works well.

I also suggest this in case you start feeling feeling neglected, just go 'off duty' for a while and you will be more appreciated. I didn't really feel neglected, just more the lazy bum part.

We had Thai food tonite with green beans...not from the can, those are not allowed.

and Luke said "Mom, this is the yummiest dinner you have ever made. This is even better than a bologna sandwich!" Wow. What a compliment. Tough critic, cause they obviously have really refined palates.

(remember the strike on Sunday...totally worked!)


also, I went on my millionth diet...wait, its more of a wellness-diet. This might be my favorite. Holy cow, I know. My skinniest friend on the planet organized it and its a total rip-off from my sister in law (shout out to Boston) but its a scaled down version. We all put in $5 and who ever has the most points at the end of 6 weeks wins the dough, and hopefully a smaller tushy. There are 6 possible points each day and you get one point for doing each of the following.

1. Read 2 pages of Book of Mormon or Bible each day.
2. Say prayers.
3. Exercise 30 minutes each day.
4. Drink 64 ounces of water each day.
5. Eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day.
6. No junk food or sweets.

Sundays are free days so basically I gorged myself yesterday and just ate cookies, cheese danish, and chips and salsa (the good kind). Oh but it was fun. We'll see how long I last, I tend to be a bit of a quiter, so I hope I can hold out for at least a respectable showing. #5 and #4 are the hardest for day I ate two corn on the cobs for dinner, which I would not suggest. I also had to clarify that if you just ate one chip or one fry does that blow the whole #6 for the day, and it was yes. These ladies play hardball.

Also, Tuesday Step Up 2 is available on DVD...I'm so there, stay tuned for possible party showing on my huge 27 inch not-flat-screen-or-anything-fancy TV (but one day it'll be huge).


Porter & Sara said...

hey. i didn't understand your comment on my page. what's the difference between the mormon way and the southern way?
i'm a little slow at these things!
are you going to post a picture of your little bruised up baby? i hope she's okay. i've told everyone of my friends with babies your prevent something else like that from happening.

uncle bobo said...

that is the cutest mabel daisy photo i have seen

mist said...

You are so funny. Good Luck on winning the cash.