Saturday, June 28, 2008

I am now a camper

Things I learned this week:

1. Beach camping is sooooo fun. And will do it every summer that I can (read: not pregnant or with infant). This party got started by that amazing Means family (remember, 6 girls, 1 bathroom, gorgeous blondes) that I'm always bragging about it. They helped me and held my hand and gave me a pep talks the night before, cause if I wasn't commmitted I would have chickened out, cause I was super nervous. Close to vomitting nervous I would say. But they cheered me on and helped me setup my tent!

2. Smores are hands down the best dessert ever, I knew this, but just remembered...although the single roasted marshmellow is close second.

3. I can camp without Jason. Me and the kids slept all snuggly in the green tent from Target. I was invited to go with a moms and kids group near Santa Barbara. One time I counted 44 children (under 18) there. They were all pros and camped there for years. I was a weanie-anti-camper-virgin- person. But no more.

4. I should have brought more water, and better food. Cause even though maybe you can survive on PB & J sandwiches, makes it more fun to eat chinese chicken salad and teriyaki wings... Pretty much I owe much thanks to the Kekauoha family who fed us dinner and suffered through our mediocre breakfasts that I provided.

5. I think I love least camping with hot water showers and real bathrooms. My new friend Shay says beach camping does not constitute real camping, but it was real enough for me.

6. I like camping without bugs. I didn't see a spider or an ant or a roach. Pretty much the exact opposite of Alabama...sorry bama folks, but your bugs are nasty.

7. I want to go beach camping with Jason now too. Cause we made some great memories. And the kids missed their dad. The kids had a blast. I had a blast. We slept great. We love the beach. The view on the drive up was worth it too. Made me appreciate living in California. What a beautiful place with perfect weather!

8. I might be allergic to cameras. Cause the other one is broken too. So no pictures to show you of our fabulous adventure. I took my digital to the beach when my mom was here and it is dead. But I did purchase a disposable camera at rite aid so I hope I still got some pictures.

9. I can't think of anymore cause my kids are sleeping and I need a nap, but it feels wierd to end at number nine, so I'll probably edit this later.


Heather said...

That sounds like camping even I could endure. I agree that the bugs here are nasty. I hate mosquitos, but they love me. There are just swarms of them in my yard.

Lisa -- said...

Oh Brooke, how your post brought back many, many memories. My family and I would camp for a week at San Elijo and Carlsbad(outside of San Diego) every year from my childhood years into young adulthood. Those were good times! Summer love,fun, and water!! My mom would be on the phone every January on hold to make reservations for the summer. Love it, Love it!

beth said...

That sounds awesome. And if there were bathrooms and showers then it is right up my alley.

christy said...

sounds like something i could even endure. i'll have to try it next time we're in CA.

uncle bobo said...

thanks for the message. glad you had fun. you are adventure woman! i tell you what. I know, hit us with the bug low-blow : ) i know, i am like worried about hurricanes in the future. i've never thought of that being an issue. kisses to the kids.

Amber said...

YAY!!! I'm SO SO glad that you had fun and that you became friends with Shay.

SO what do you say???? You ready to move up to my ward now!

Sheri N. said...

Awwww....this post made me miss the old ward. Please tell the everyone hi.....we miss you guys!

cori said...

this is so fun... brought back many a childhood memory. nothing beats beach bonfires. especially with your boyfriend/husband real close... insert karate kid scene here. that is how it was for me. volleyball; the works.

its a cruel summer.

Princess Julie said...

Now you know why the Roberts go camping as often as we can, because it is so much fun. You definantely need to bring Jason along because when we go camping with other families the husband love doing the cooking. I know you are thinking that Chris likes to cook, but the other husbands that never cook always seem to cook when we are camping. I think it is the outdoors and it brings it back to nature to them. I didn't get where you went. I am always up for camping, I am never much of a person who plans ahead so last minute works for me.

Nathan and Emily said...

I LOvE LoVE LOVe camping! I finally got Nathan to go last summer he was also very unsure and he loved it as well! Please let me know next time you want to go! I'm fully equipped baby!