Monday, May 12, 2008

Off the Wagon

Okay, so I killed my 'diet' today...okay so for the past few days. Not really a diet, but a needed permanent break from my normal diet of chocolate and cookies.

It all started at Costco on Friday. My kids were begging for treats. Cause they are used to me making them everyday. No joke, homemade cookies every day. or close to that. So they are probably shaking from the sugar drought as well. (No lectures please, cause they have currently consumed more veggies than I did as a child. Drenched in ranch of course, but they still go down) And we saw the box of Ghirardelli brownies. So I thought, sure why not? And we cooked one package that day.

I would just like to dare you to not eat a brownie when you have cooked them in your house. Especially when they are the best kind ever. And slightly gooey.

My next excuse is that while we were at costco we sampled some gourmet caramel popcorn with milk/white chocolate stripes on it. So we bought some of that...and polished off one bag today. Me and the kids. Like a party.

And then I got a new visiting teacher this month and she gave me a package for mothers day, which was so heavy I thought it was a candle, but when I got home, no it was a candy container with my favorite Hershey's nugget with almonds and toffee. And out of her kindness I had to eat ten of them. And five more as I thought about this potential post. Because they are my favorite and I love them. And I forgot how chocolate is wonderful.

(Special side note on the brillant inspired idea of visiting teaching from the Mormons. In a nutshell, every member of the congregation is assigned a few members of the congregation that they are asked to visit monthly and help out and then report back each month how its going...we bring treats, or a plant, share a spiritual thought and just chat and check up. Sometimes we bring meals if the person is needing it or throw a baby shower, whatever. for more information on this genius idea go see lds. org or call your local 19 year old missionaries to explain it to that a plug or what? And you say we don't believe in Jesus people, what is more Christian than that?...okay, off my soapbox....if you read this earlier, like an hour ago, this has been revised, cause who wants to hear me babble more?)

But all garbage eating aside, I feel terrible. Its not worth it. Not really. Fleeting moments of pure bliss times an hour more of exercise or salad eating. So tomorrow its back to the grind. Back to the puny two hour goals...cause I was diving into that tasty popcorn by 9:32 a.m. I was cocky, and thought I could sample the nectar and keep it under control. I was wrong. But even though I'm a quitter... I am also a re-starter, so here goes round 2. And my running buddy is out of town, so I haven't been going as far, but have been listening to some tunes.

Does anyone want to pick up my remaining chocolate? Because I'm not sure its safe at my house. No joke.


English Garden said...

No thanks on the chocolate but I am swimming tomorrow night, 7:30pm if you wanna change up your workout. I always think I need to put on an extra tight pair of pants and then whenever I go to the fridge I'd think again about what I'm getting out!!

The Peterson Family said...
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The Peterson Family said...

Not that I'm an expert, but I think it was on a recent morning show that I learned that you shouldn't go too low cal tomorrow because that will slow your metabolism and then you'll be worse off. Maybe you'd better save a small brownie for tomorrow ;) Hee! Hee! - Hil

Heather said...

You shouldn't completely deprive yourself of sweets. That makes you go crazy when you do have some and eat more than you should. Everything in moderation. When I was a kid, there were so many of us that we only got one brownie or a couple of cookies before they were all gone. So have a few more kids, then there won't be as many of them for you to eat. Or have Jason take them to work with him to share with his co-workers. I have to be careful what I make because there's no one there to eat it but me. Dangerous.

Nash said...

I should just come on over, or you could mail it to me, because I just downed a BIG bowl of mongolian bbq. i feel sick, and since then I have been thinking about what ice cream i will get this afternoon because i already ruined my day.
i am glad there are other re-starters out there, that should be my middle name.
good luck. maybe boycotting costco would help? i haven't shopped there in months, at least 6.

Laura said...

you crack me up. i am just as bad, if not worse. matt thought it was a good idea to get a "snack container" and fill it up w/ peanut m&m's. so that is pretty much what i snack on all day long. your post has made me hungry for some...i think i will go eat some now.

Porter & Sara said...

i cannot believe you fell off the wagon! well, gave it an honest try. i seem to fail about a week into my new diets. =(

Love & Robots said...

Brooke, why is this something that everyone can relate to?! We start working out, then we stop, we are so good at dieting, then we cheat. I guess as long as we can get back on the wagon, it's all good. I'm still on the part of trying to get back on the wagon!