Saturday, May 31, 2008

Arbys and things

Do you recognize this sandwich? Even if its a bit blurry...its from Arby's. With the special sauce on the side to dip. Jason and I snuck out of the house tonite without children, and here is where we ate. I love Arbys and we were low on time.

Miss B and her pal Porter at 8 p.m. In her jammies with crazy hair. And the pacifier that I still let her use cause I'm too lazy to have her quit just yet. I love the summer time and how light it stays. So nice.

Luke played another game today. This one sans undershirt...cause he's a sweaty little kid. A sweet kid who sweats alot...cause we don't mess around with basketball.

Miss Baylie on the big girl swing. Just seeing how high I can get that whale spout on her head.

Darby in yellow being a little monkey.

And back to the beloved Arbys...with its cheesy 70s sign. In Van Nuys...aka, maybe not where you want to live in Los Angeles, but great if you want to go to BabiesRUs or a furniture store or Costco for that matter. My friend told me one of the America's Most Wanted lives in Van Nuys, but can't remember if that story was current or old so don't quote me on it.

Hello unhealthy curly fries. I love you. But maybe not this batch cause you weren't so tightly twirled and mostly stragglers. But when you are at your best, we are great friends. And then I gobble you up. Yes its wierd to talk to your food. And I chowed it down fast.


christy said...

we love arby's and they're building one down the street! every little town in utah seems to have one.
i love reg roast beef with arby's sauce and curly fries with dr.pepper and a cherry turnover. i should probably skip the fries and turnover.

Heather said...

The Beef & Cheddar sandwich is my favorite, and I must have about 4 packs of Arby's sauce for my curly fries. Cute pictures of Baylie. That Darby is a dare devil. I don't think my 8 year old nephew would climb to the top of that thing. I wish Mel would sign Bradley up for Basketball. I think he would like it better than Baseball. Plus the games are indoors.

Anonymous said...

Darling pics of the kids!!! Makes me humgry to go out and get an Arby's...if it weren't Sunday - maybe tomorrow. xoxomom

Kira =] said...

Yay for dates with your hubby! Even if they are a quick one at Arby's. Mmmm, curly fries. I haven't had those is awhile. =]

Laura said...

there is nothing better than a really good tightly curled curly fry. and arby's fries are dang good. and i am not close - not even close - to even thinking about chase giving up his pacifier. it's just not worth it, so don't feel bad.

Nathan and Emily said...

I tracked you down! Love the picks of the kids! I also love getting to know your quirky ways! Add us if you'd like! Love,Emily (from ghetto light)