Monday, April 21, 2008

Two posts in one day...oh my!

I joined this healthy challenge by a cute blogger girl in AZ.

I weirdly am really not trying to lose weight, but just want to be healthier. But I did eat one tootsie roll on Friday, just to see if they were still my favorite. Didn't do much for me. Strange. Although I love tootsie rolls, the tootsie rolls do not love me back...and are just finished in five seconds. Its true. I thoroughly enjoyed the piece-S (cause its plural) of birthday cake Saturday, because nobody likes a party pooper. Just maybe I'll skip having it for breakfast...(even though that's still okay sometimes too)

Here is the Link


cori said...

here is to a healthier me and you!

good luck girl!

kasie said...

you are so funny! im trying to do weight watchers right now.i dont think i can ever have just one tootsie roll or 1 cookie. i keep wanting more!!

Courtney said...

Me and Tootsie Rolls are like best friends. We can never have enough of each other. But I am definitely down for getting back in shape--considering that I have had 2 babies in a 14 month span. I am just excited to not be pregnant and be able to exercise w/o wanting to throw up.

b w e said...

yeah once you don't eat sugar for a long time, your body stops craving it, and the sugar is like wierd to your system. it is like, what is this, this is not food.