Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Puzzler Girl

Sad this is the only way she'd let me take a picture of her.

Meet my puzzle-er Girl. Is that a word? She does puzzles all day long. All by herself. She is good and loves it. And she loves to show me her finished product.

Here you can see the slightly remaining bruise on her face. Poor princess puzzle-er girl.

Check out the painted nail of my braided, puzzle princess with a band aid...

Is this just the cutest outfit? Thanks mom for the shoes. And I love this cranky little face.

If you click on the picture it will show you a bigger version so you can check out those itty witty bitty teeth. But they hurt! Just ask my shoulder!

Pick me up momma lady!

Thats right you! So frustrating it would be to not be able to talk well. We McCoys are movers not least the little ones.

Gotta run and go fight Luke with the nerf guns. Wish me luck.

P. S. So now that I've gone 3 days without my regular diet of cookies and cake...I'm feeling a little better.

But life is pretty boring without dessert.


Anonymous said...

Good for Darby! What a smartee! I love how she loves to wear princess outfits. I am impressed how you are laying off the sweets. Tough to do, good for you! xoxomom

Lindsey said...

Hey~ Those are some dang cute pictures! That is awesome that Darby loves puzzles. Her nails look amazing as well! Way to go cutting out the sugar. Very motivating you are. xoxo

3406 LeBron Rd. said...

Darby is so cute. I love that she likes puzzles so much. What a smartie pants! Too cute--love the princess outfits. Adorable...and Baylie--I just want to pick her up and give her tons of kisses. She is so cute. We really need to come out and visit.

Heather said...

That Darby is so funny! Great job with the puzzles! When I say the picture of Baylie, I thought what a cute outfit. And then I read what you said about it being cute. Good luck with the sugar strike. I need to go on a fast food strike.

angieinpink said...

brooke! nice to meet ya!

so excited for you to join the healthy-blog endeavors! i think this'll be fun & super rewarding...

and i so hear ya about the sugar addiction. let me tell you, that is my number one weakness. candy, cookies, you name it! go you for holding strong!

so email me your picture if you'd like, otherwise i'll just see you on the blog monday morning! just tell chani & misty to let me know if they want to be added to the list! glad to have you along for the ride!

and, your girls are adorable, btw!

G. Sterling said...

i have resurrected my blog from the dead...

ps: you have such cute little girls!

pss: that sucks big time about your van

Sara Skaggs said...

hi. i'm engaged! porter proposed this weekend. and, we're officially bloggers. check us out.
can you add us to your list? we'll be neighbors soon...i love to vegas in may.